KC 7 3 7 11 28
DEN 7 7 7 3 24


Chiefs vs. Broncos summary: score, stats, highlights | NFL Week 18



The Kansas City Chiefs ended their regular season with a division win over the Denver Broncos at Mile High Stadium. Nick Bolton gave the Chiefs the lead with a fumble recovery taken 86 yards for a touchdown to secure the 28-24 victory.

Chiefs still have a shot a home field

The Chiefs came into the game knowing that they need to win to have any hope for a top spot in the AFC. Now they will sit back and hope that the Houston Texans come up with an upset over the Tennessee Titans which would give them home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Denver came into the game with nothing to play for, having been ousted from the playoff picture after losing three straight coming into Saturday. Despite having little to play for the Broncos took the lead in the second quarter and hung tight with one of the league’s best teams.

Broncos held tough against Chiefs

Travis Kelce got the scoring started on the Chiefs opening drive of the day with a three yard touchdown reception. It was a 17 play, 91 yard drive to put the Chiefs up 7-0.

On the following drive, the Broncos were about to concede their second three and out in their first two drives, but a roughing the punter flag extended the drive that eventually led to a Drew Lock 5 yard  touchdown run.

Lock and Broncos would take the lead mid way through the second quarter with a 23 yard touchdown run and give Denver a 14-7 advantage. The Chiefs were able to score a field goal before the halftime break, but for the majority of the first half the KC offense was finding it awfully difficult to move the ball on the Broncos defense.

KC turned it on in the second half

The Chiefs looked like they woke up at the halftime break, starting the third quarter with a nine play 75 yard touchdown drive. Jerrick McKinnon took a Patrick Mahomes pass to the flat 14 yards for the touchdown.

Denver punched right back with a 75 yard drive that took less than two minutes. Melvin Gordon busted a run up the middle for the 47 yard touchdown to give the Broncos the 21-17 lead.

Harrison Butker hit his second field goal of the day on the next drive to close the gap to one, but the play of the game came from the Chiefs defense. Lock had Denver driving inside the 20 yard line but Melvin Ingram crushed Melvin Gordon, forcing a fumble that was collected and ran back 84 yards by Nick Bolton. After Mahomes ran in the two point conversion, the Chiefs led by a touchdown.

Vic Fangio was questioned, and even booed on the next series when the Broncos were faced with a 4th and 9 from the KC 13 and decided to kick the field goal. Brandon McManus hit the 31 yarder, but the Broncos would not get the ball back.

Denver’s season is done, but the Chiefs will sit back and hope they get some help for Houston tomorrow.

The game changers. Ingram with the big stick on Gordon and Bolton goes 86 yards on the return.

Gordon busts it for a 47 yard TD to take the lead back.

Check out McKinnon put the moves on the Denver defense.

Lock with rushing TD number 2.

Lock with the first TD for Denver just before the end of the first quarter.

Kelce had the first touchdown catch of the game, and had the last catch to seal the game.

The Broncos season comes to and close and they end the season with a four game losing streak.


The Chiefs kneel the clock out and secure their 12-5 record

Kelce limped off the field after that last catch. He looks to be ok, but between Hill and Kelce the Chiefs will be hoping those two recover if they fail to get the top spot in the conference.

That chance is squashed by Kelce who makes an 11 yard catch and that should do it from Denver. He are at the two minute warning and the Chiefs should be able to run the clock out.

Wylie flagged for a false start oon 3rd and 3 and that will give the Broncos a chance.

McKinnon picks up another first down on a short pass in the flat. That forces DEN to take their last timeout with 3:33 to go in the game.

Forget about running the ball and winding clock, Hardman takes a pass in the flat 44 yards and just like that the Chiefs are in DEN territory.

Chiefs ball with 4:37 to go. A couple first down should do it for the Chiefs.


Well I was sure it was four down territory, but apparenty Vic Fangio thought otherwise. They bring out the kicking unit on 4th down and the fans let their feelings be heard as boos sound aroud Mile High Stadium.

Lock finds Judee for the first time today on a jump ball down the sideline.DEN are back in the red zone again.

It's four down terriotry down 7 with under 5 minutes to go.

The Broncos punch back with Lock hitting Gordon for 29 yards.

This may be the best defensive play I've ever seen, but Ingram's tackle on Gordon was pretty nasty

Look at the play by Ingram, that has shades of the Jadaveon Clowney against Michigan in the Outback Bowl years ago.


The Chiefs defense comes up the game changing play of the day. Ingram smashed Gordon in the backfield, forcing the fumble and Bolton brings it to the house on an 86 yard return.

The Chiefs lead by a touchdown after Mahomes takes the two point conversion in to the endzone.

Lock and the Broncos are feeling it at the moment. He's 4/4 on this drive and Denver is in the red zone.

 i know it's a little early to think about this, but do the Broncos go for two if they score a TD?

Denver with a big pick up on third down with Lock hitting Gordon in the flat for the 6 yard gain. A long drive finished off with a score would be just what the Broncos need.


The Chiefs are held again after a couple of incompletions from Mahomes.

KC settles for a field goal, and Butker drills the 51 yarder on a soggy surface in Mile High Stadium.

DEN still leads 21-20 early in the fourth.

End of 3rd Q

We are at the end of the third quarter with the Broncos up 21-17. KC is in the midst another long drive, but will they be able to punch it in and take the lead?

Mahomes hits Hill for a 2 yard pass to move the chains. Hill seems to have shaken off that heel injury he picked up in the first half

Pringle picks up 19 yards on thrid down, but he's short of the marker. This is no doubt four down territory around midfield on 4th and 1.

The Chiefs pick up a first down but it's erased after a holding call on Thuney. 2nd and 24 coming up for the Chiefs

After a couple penalties the Broncos go 3 and out, and the Chiefs will get the ball back with great field position looking to take the lead.

1st and 10 from the KC 43 with 4:17 to go in the third.

The Chiefs offense is stiffled yet again, and the Chiefs just don't look like themselves. If I'm a Chiefs fan I'd be worried about how this team looks going into the playoffs.

The Chiefs started the 2nd half with a long drive capped by McKinnon

Gordon takes it to the house for a 47 yard TD


Forget whatever I was saying about Chiefs defense waking up. They just got muscled by Gordon who broke  a couple arm tackles and sprinted in to the endzone for a 47 yard TD run.

Denver takes the lead back not even two minutes after the Chiefs touchdown.

Lock drops a dime over the hand of a cornerback and completes to Patrick for 31 yards. As bad as he looked at times in the first half, that pass couldn't have been hand placed any better.

DId the Chiefs wake up at halftime? Gordon is stuffed in the backfield for a lost of 3.


McKinnon in the flat! And what a couple of moves he put on the DEN defense! Looked like he was going to get wrapped up short of the marker on 3rd down, but he takes it into the endzone on the 14 yard catch and run!

Chiefs take back the lead, 17-14 on the first drive of the third quarter.

Mahomes tucks and runs for a 25 yard gain. He hasn't been terrific in the air today, but he gets it done with his legs to move KC into DEN territory.

The KC offense has been asleep since the first drive of the game. I still think they are trying to recover from the roughing the punter penalty in the first quarter.

Start of 3rd Q

The second half is underway and the Chiefs will get the ball from the 25 down 14-10.

Lock is 4/10 for 27 yards, but has rushed for 35 yards and 2 TDs.

Mahomes is 15/26 with 131 yards and a TD.

Lock hasn't had the best game through the air, but he has made up for it with his legs.

Drew Lock with his first of two rushing TDs

Kelce with the opening TD of the day.

End of 1st Half

The Chiefs run out of time in the first half, and the Broncos go into the break up 14-10.

Who would have thought the Broncos, who have nothing to play for would be up on the Chiefs after two quarter.

The Chiefs stop the Broncos on 3rd and 5 around midfield, and Mahomes will get the ball back, but will there be enough time for Mahomes to get into field goal range?

They will start the drive from their 15 with 23 seconds left and all three timeouts.

Lock picks up the 3rd and 3, and that's big for two reasons. One because he moves the chains, and two because it keeps the ball out of Mahomes' hands.


The Chiefs are stopped on 3rd and Goal from the 16 after a holding penalty. Butker splits the uprights with a 34 yard field goal, but the Broncos still lead 14-10 with 2:18 to go in the half.

The Broncos give up a first down on a pass interfence call on 3rd and 3 from inside the 20.

If Denver is going to win this game they can't afford to make self inflicted mistakes.

Mahomes working his magic yet again!! Mahomes extending the play, rolls left and throws it all the way across the field to Pringle for 11 yards.

He does that at least once a week.

KC with a serious drive after giving up two straight touchdowns. They are in DEN territory


LOCK WITH HIS SECOND RUSHING TOUCHDOWN OF THE DAY!!! This time he takes it 23 yards to the house after getting pressured in the backfield.

KC are getting cut up by Lock's legs, and DEN leads 14-7 with 7:49 to go.

LOCK WITH HIS SECOND RUSHING TOUCHDOWN OF THE DAY!!! This time he takes it 23 yards to the house after getting pressured in the backfield.

KC are getting cut up by Lock's legs, and DEN leads 14-7 with 7:49 to go.

Lock leading the drive down the field! He looks like he's warmed up and shaken off a couple of iffy throws early on.

Gordon with the best play of the day for the Broncos, breaks a run for 29 yards to start the drive. The Chiefs look like they are playing at 50% right now.

That flag on the punt changed the course of this game.

Mahomes is dropped in the backfield by Harris for a loss of fifteen on 3rd and 10. The Chiefs were 5/5 on 3rd down before that.

Broncos ball from the 25 yard line after the punt goes into the endzone.

Lock with the tuck and run to tie it up

Kelce with the opening TD

End of 1st Quarter

We are at the end of the first quarter with the score tied up 7-7.

The one thing the Chiefs can't afford going into the playoffs is injuries. They have a stacked offensive unit, but losing Hill would be a big hit. The caution flags are waving, if they were already, for Andy Reed.

UH OH.. Tyreek Hill looks like he might have been banged up at some time in the first drive. He starts the second drive on the sideline, and appears that his heel is bothering him a bit. We will keep you posted thorughout the game.


Lock tucks and runs for a 6 yard touchdown and the Broncos take advantage of the roughing the punter penalty!

We are all tied up at 7-7 with under 30 seconds left in the 1st quarter.

Sutton with the pass on the trick play finds Williams for 16 yards!! Maybe they should just leave Sutton under center for the rest of the game.

There's Lock! He converts a 3rd and 4 to move the chains and keep the drive alive. That was his first completion of the day after 5 incompletions.

Lock has been way off target today. The Bronco fans look and sound like they are done with him.

Theres the first 1st down for the Broncos! It comes off of a Willams run for 9 yards, and if the Broncos are going to have any success it's going to come from Wiliams, Gordon and the run game.

Denver went 3 and out but get bailed out with a roughing the punter penalty and the drive continutes after the automatic first down.

That's the biggest offensive play the Broncos have had all day.

Lock with a strange looking pass that was no where near Sutton and the Broncos go 3 and out again.  The boo birds already starting to chirp around Mile High Stadium.

Butker slips on the kickoff and the Broncos will start their second drive on their 33.

That's something to keep an eye on the rest of the way. The field is soggy and that could effect the kicking game.


Travis Kelce, WHO ELSE, caps off the Chiefs opening drive with a four yard touchdown recpetion for the game's first points.

Chiefs lead 7-0 after a 17 play 91 yard drive.

Denver is getting 0 pressure on Mahomes. That spells trouble for the Broncos, and could give Mahomes a chance to have a huge game today.

The Chiefs are on a long, mythotic drive that they would love to finish off with 7 points. If they can get a touchdown the Broncos are in trouble against this Chiefs fantastic defense.

The Chiefs are building up a great drive from inside the 10, but Mahomes almost gave up an interception with a pass too far out in front of Pringle.

Hardman with the wide receiver screen and he busts it up the field for 21 yards.

Mahomes picks up the first first down of the game with his legs. He is a pass first QB but doesn't mind tucking and running from time to time.

Lock had Judee on a go route on the right sideline, but overshot him and Denver goes three and out. The Broncos may not be playing for much, but Drew Lock has plenty to play for tonight. He is on showcase today, as it seems like his days as Denver's QB are coming to a close.

How about Kirk Herbstriet and Chris Fowler on the mic for the game. I feel like I'm watching Clemson vs. Alabama.

We are underway in Denver! The Broncos will get the ball first after the Chiefs differ.

Keep an eye on Patrick Mahomes. Let's see what the Chiefs want to do with their QB1 in the final game of the regular season. They are playing for an outside chance to have home field in the playoffs, but if they get a big lead they could think about resting him.

We are just a few minutes from kick off in Mile High Stadium.

The Chiefs come into Denver as an 11.5 point favorite with the Over/Under set at 44.5.

It's chily in Denver, but don't tell Tyreek Hill that.

KC drip on the regular season finale

Here come the Broncos

Courtland Sutton representing with the pregame drip.

Chiefs D dominated vs. Broncos in December

The Chiefs won the earlier matchup between these two teams 22-9. Mahomes didn't have a great game, but the KC defense did the dirty work, holding the Broncos to just three points until the final quarter.

Denver on a free fall to end the season

The Broncos have lost their last three and in that span fell out of the playoff race. Tonight they will be looking to play the spoiler against a division rival who have dominated not only the AFC West, but the conference for the last three years.

KC's win streak snapped last week

The Chiefs lost their strangle hold on the AFC last week when they lost to the Cincinnati Bengals. It also brought an end to their eight game win streak. Now they must win tonight to keep any chance of getting home field throughout the playoffs.

Chiefs still holding on to hope

Hello everyone and welcome to Denver where the Broncos are looking to play spoiler to the Kansas City Chiefs chances of a top seed in the AFC West. The Chiefs are looking to get back to the win column after last weeks loss to the Bengals.

Chiefs vs. Broncos

The Kansas City Chiefs head to Mile High Stadium for an AFC West showdown against the Denver Broncos to close out the season. AS English will be keeping you up to date with live coverage, scores, stats and analysis of tonights matchup from Empower Field.