DAL 10 20 0 21 51
PHI 7 10 3 6 26


Cowboys vs Eagles summary: score, stats, highlights | NFL Week 18

Jennifer Bubel

The Eagles rested most of their starters and the Cowboys set a franchise record for points scored in a season with their win over the Eagles.

Cowboys at Eagles live

The Cowboys finished off the regular season with a franchise record 51-point game, a sweep of the NFC East (6-0), and a 12-5 record.

Prescott breaks Romo's record in vicrory over Eagles

Prescott threw a career-high five touchdown passes. He was in the game until the 4th quarter when the Cowboys finally put Rush in to give Dak a rest and reduce the risk of injury. He also ended up with 37 passing scores on the season, breaking former QB Tony Romo's record in a singe season (36).


FINAL: Cowboys beat the Eagles, 51-26

Rush takes the knee and that's game. Cowboys win their last game of the regular season and Eagles end up 9-7.

1:50 Q4

Score: Eagles 26, Cowboys 51

The Eagles get a TD in garbage time and go for two but Minshew is sacked so they'll stay at 6 points. Cowboys still in the lead by 25 points with less than 2 minutes left in the game.

The Eagles attempt the 2-point conversion, but Minshew is SACKED and the attempt fails


Minshew passes to Watkins for 36 yards and an Eagles touchdown

2:00 Q4

Two-minute warning in the game. Eagles are at 2nd and 10 at the Cowboys 36.

After 10 plays, the Eagles are brought to 4th and 4 at the Cowboys 28. They go for it and get the 1st down with a pass completion to Gainwell.

The JaQuan Hardy TD makes 22 players for the Cowboys with a touchdown this year, an NFL record

8:36 Q4

Score: Eagles 20, Cowboys 56

The Cowboys get two TDs right in a row after Vander Esch intercepts it to give them the ball back at the Eagles 26 and Hardy runs it into the end zone on a 22-yard run

Zuerlein PAT is GOOD!


Hardy runs it 22 yards into the end zone for another Cowboys TD real quick

Minshew pass intended for Arcega-Whiteside is INTERCEPTED by Vander Esch at the Eagles 33. - runs it up to the Eagles 26 for 7 yards and Cowboys get the ball right back again

Score: Eagles 20, Cowboys 44

It's Clement's time to shine! Cowboys take out Prescott and put Rush in and he and Clement get them quickly down the field and into the end zone to put the Boys up by 24 points

Zuerlein PAT is GOOD!


Ito Smith showing up out of nowhere to give the Cowboys another touchdown!

Clement is at it again! He takes it up 37 yards to the Eagles 12!

Prescott out, Rush in

Minshew SACKED by Basham, brings the Eagles to 4th and 12 at their own 28 and they punt it away

14:33 Q4

Score: Eagles 20, Cowboys 37

The Cowboys get a huge 37-yard gain with a Prescott-Wilson completion to bring them into Eagles territory and a Prescott pass to Clement into the end zone puts the Cowboys up by 17 points.

Zuerlein PAT is GOOD!


Prescott pass complete to Clement for 8 yards into the end zone for another Cowboys TD

Clement makes the 1st down. Cowboys at 1st and goal

End Q3

At 3rd and 7, Dak throws to Clement but they're short of the 1st. 4th and 2 at the Eagles 11 at the end of the 3rd

Offsides on the Eagles - Cowboys are at the Eagles 31- 1st down

Dak pass to Wilson complete for a huge 37-yard gain

In case you doubted my commentary that this should've been a catch...

5:58 Q3

Score: Eagles 20, Cowboys 30

The Eagles can't seem to make a lot of catches here and they get stuck at 4th and 10 before making it to the red zone and settle for a field goal. Elliott makes the 40-yard attempt and the Eagles trail by 10 in the 3rd.

Elliott 40-yard field goal attempt is GOOD!

Eagles brought to 4th and 10 at the Cowboys 22

Minshew passes to Arcega-Whiteside in the end zone and he misses what was a perfect catch. Refs call Pass Interference on Cowboys but it's declined and either way, it should have been a catch

Eagles are able to convert on 3rd and 1 but not 3rd and 3. They go for it on 4th and 3 and they get the 1st down with a pickup of 11 by Watkins

Anger punts it away 46 yards to the Eagles 33. Goodwin is knocked into Ward to trip him up and it's a penalty on the Eagles - Illegal Block Above the Waist - 10 yards

Eagles defense are all over the Cowboys and they're brought to 4th and 1

Clement runs it to the 22 on the return but another Cowboys penalty puts them back 10 yards. 1st and 10 at the Cowboys 12 to start the half

Halftime: Cowboys lead Eagles 30-17

The Cowboys lead the Eagles by two scores at the half

0:05 Q2

Score: Cowboys 30, Eagles 17

The Cowboys convert a 21-yard punt by the Eagles into a TD to put them ahead by 13 just before halftime

Zuerlein PAT is GOOD!


Prescott pass to Schultz COMPLETE into the end zone!

Eagles can't get anywhere and the Cowboys get the ball back again and down the field to the Eagles 9 with 13 seconds left

1:45 Q2

Score: Eagles 17, Cowboys 23

Cowboys make the TD after a huge 26-yard pass to Cooper, who's unable to get the TD pass, but no worries. Schultz gets it in just fine. Sadly for the Cowboys, their kicker can't seem to kick the ball straight sometimes so 6 points is all they'll get this time.

Zuerlein MISSES the PAT, a sad trend for the Cowboys kicker


Prescott pass to Schultz for 2 yards and the touchdown!

Prescott pass to Cooper is caught out of bounds

Prescott pass deep complete to Cooper for a gain of 26 - Cowboys at 1st and goal

2:00 Q2

Dallas moves fast and are able to get the ball down to the Eagles 35 at 2nd and 3 at the two-minute warning

Elliott breaks through for a 26-yard gain to take the Cowboys to the Eagles 49

3:40 Q2

Score: Eagles 17, Cowboys 17

The Eagles get down the field after 10 drives. It's a big 18-yard run by Gainwell and then another 7-yard run into the end zone that ties up the game yet again before the half.

Elliott PAT is GOOD!


Minshew pass complete to Gainwell who runs it into the end zone to give the Eagles another TD before the half

At 3rd and 5, the Eagles run it and Gainwell gets them a gain of 18 to put them at 1st and goal

Holding penalty on the Eagles sets them back to 2nd and 14 at the Cowboys 34

Huntley takes it up 18 yards and is finally stopped by Kazee but the Eagles are in dangerous territory

Minshew pass deep to Watkins gives them a 22-yard fain and the 1st down at the Cowboys 48

8:07 Q2

Score: Eagles 10, Cowboys 17

A few deep passes including a 24-yard pass from Prescott to Wilson takes the Cowboys down the field and into the end zone for their second TD of the night

Zuerlein PAT is GOOD!


Prescott pass deep to Wilson for 24 yards and a Cowboys touchdown!

Ruling on the field stands: Elliott was down by contact and it was a complete pass. Cowboys at 2nd and 4 at the Eagles 29.

Elliott gets a pickup of 6 yards but looks like the ball could have come loose so the Eagles challenge it. Play under review.

Prescott makes a huge 31-yard deep pass to Lamb to bring them into Eagles territory


Cowboys use their first timeout at 2nd and 10 on their own 26

12:24 Q2

Score: Eagles 10, Cowboys 10

The Cowboys penalties continue to hurt them. They allow the Eagles to get down the field even further but the Cowboys defense holds. them to a FG and the Eagles tie up the game in the second quarter.

Elliott 38-yard FG attempt is GOOD!

Dallas defense holds the Eagles to 4th down in the red zone

Eagles got the first down with a gain of 13 and the Cowboys get a Roughing the Passer penalty to add another 15 yards onto that for the Eagles. Eagles are at the Dallas 14.


Eagles get down to the Cowboys 41 to end the first quarter with a first down and a new rookie record for DeVonta Smith. He came, he conquered, and now he'll (likely) rest.

DeVonta Smith breaks the franchise record with 916 yards in his rookie season

1:41 Q1

Score: Eagles 7, Cowboys 10

The Cowboys are held to 4th down because of a penalty that set them back so they settle for the field goal to put them up bty 3 late in the first quarter.

Cowboys go for the field goal on 4th down and Zuerlein makes the 48-yard attempt

The Cowboys get a 10-yard gain with a Prescott pass to Schultz but Prescott is forced to throw the ball away on 3rd down

At 2nd and 11, Dallas gets a Holding penalty for a 10-yard loss to bring them to 2nd and 21

Eagles go 3 and out and punt it away at 4th and 11

5:08 Q1

Score: Eagles 7, Cowboys 7

Prescott had a few inaccurate passes, but got the job done with a pass completion to Cooper on 4th down to bring them into the Eagles red zone. Dak's 15-yard pass to Cooper into the end zone gets them the first TD to even the score.

Zuerlein PAT is GOOD!


Prescott pass complete to Wilson into the endzone for the Cowboys' first TD of the night.

Cowboys go for it and Dak makes the pass to Cooper for a pickup of 14 yards and the 1st down

Two short runs up the middle by Elliott brings the Cowboys to 3rd and 3 and an incomplete pass to Wilson brings them to 4th down

Prescott pass complete to Wilson for a 16-yard gain and the first down after Cowboys were set back by a False Start penalty and held to 3rd and 5

Cowboys give the ball to Elliott to start off. His playing time is in question during this game, considering there isn't a lot on the line but he starts them off with a 4-yard gain.

9:41 Q1

Score: Eagles 7, Cowboys 0

Minshew got the Eagles down the field quick on their first possession for the first touchdown of the night with a pass to Jackson

Elliott PAT is GOOD!


At 3rd and goal, Minshew passes to Jackson for 3 yards and the TD!

Gainwell gets the first down after 3rd and 9 with a 12-yard run and then again to the red zone and the Eagles are quickly at 1st and goal

Gardner Minshew is in for the Eagles at QB with Jalen Hurts out.

He gets lucky on third down and 9 with a tipped pass caught by DeVonta Smith for the first down.

15:00 Q1

Gametime, baby

Cowboys won the toss, deferred, and the Eagles have started us off on offense!

DeVonta Smith

DeVonta Smith to potentially set rookie record

DeVonta Smith could be the rookie with the most receiving yards in franchise history for the Eagles.

He was the winner of the Heisman Trophy in 2020 and and now leads the Eagles in receptions (61), receiving yards (875), and receiving touchdowns (five). He's just 38 receiving yards away from setting the franchise record for most rookie receiving yards (currently held by DeSean Jackson - 912 yards in 2008).

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott

Prescott's solid 2021 season

The Cowboys quarterback made a comeback this season after suffering a season-ending ankle injury in 2020. In the past two games alone, Prescott has seven passing touchdowns and no interceptions. Before that, over five games, he threw five touchdowns and five picks. He still ranks number 8 out of all the quarterbacks in nearly every category in the NFL: completion percentage (68.4), passing yards (4,154), touchdown-to-interception ratio (32-10), and passer rating (100.9).


Jalen Hurts inactive vs Cowboys

The Eagles will not start their QB Jalen Hurts, who is out with an ankle injury.

Former legendary Eagles RB retires and will be honorary captain in tonight's game

Jay Ajayi is just 28 years old and wasn't in the NFL long, but his impact was lasting. He was a big part of the Eagles making it to Super Bowl LII.

He will serve as the honorary captain for the Eagles tonight before officially retiring from the NFL.

In 2017, Ajayi had 70 carries for 408 yards and scored a touchdown in his first game with the Eagles. In the 2017 playoffs, he had 184 rushing yards on 42 carries and caught 6 passes for 70 yards. Had he not had a career-ending knee injury, there's no telling how far he and the Eagles could have gone.

Cowboys inactives vs Eagles:

What's at stake?

Since both the Eagles and the Cowboys have already clinched playoff spots, there isn't really a whole lot at stake. The Cowboys have already won a home playoff game in the wild-card round by clinching the NFC East.

The Eagles are sitting at 9-7 and will likely be the No.6 or 7 seed. Their offense has looked okay lately, but their wins have come against pretty easy opponents (Jets, Washington, Giants).

The Boys, however, do have a chance to move up seeds. They could potentially move all the way up to No.2 if the Buccaneers and the Rams both lose. Odds are slim that will happen, but the Cowboys are still bringing their best. Well, at least some of their best. It's unlikely Ezekiel Elliott will play for long. Several key defensive players are out on the Covid-19 reserve list, including Micah Parsons, Jayron Kearse, and Tyron Smith. Trevon Diggs will also be out due to a different illness.

Eagles going into game vs Cowboys with 11 players on Covid-19 list

It doesn't look likely the Eagles will activate any of their players on the Covid-19 reserve list before gametime vs the Cowboys tonight.

Jason Kelce was the only player of 12 who was activated before today. The 11 Eagles players who remain out for tonight's game are: Fletcher Cox, Dallas Goedert, Jordan Howard, Boston Scott, Nate Herbig, Avonte Maddox, Rodney McLeod, Alex Singleton, Marcus Epps, Genard Avery, and Jack Stoll.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles.

The game kicks off at 8 p.m. ET at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia and we'll be right here with updates, scores, and commentary before, during, and after the game.

Weather is expected to have lows around 21 degrees and not much wind. It will be chilly, but overall a nice night for some football.

It's the last week of the regular season and both teams have already made it to the playoffs. Both teams will also be resting a lot of starters and missing a lot of key players due to Covid-19 issues. The Cowboys have been the better team this season, but with so many players out and not much on the line, anything could happen.