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Buffalo Bills BUF
Kansas City Chiefs KC
BUF 7 7 7 15 0 36
KC 7 7 9 13 6 42

Bills vs. Chiefs summary: Chiefs win, on to AFC Championship stats scores and highlights | NFL Playoffs

The Kansas City Chiefs are on to their fourth consecutive AFC Championship after defeating the Buffalo Bills on a Travis Kelce touchdown in overtime.

The AFC Divisional Round matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs was so even they needed more than 60 minutes to decide a winner from Arrowhead. Travis Kelce caught and eight yard touchdown pass to seal the 42-36 win in one of the most amazing playoff games in NFL history.

Wild finish to a wild weekend

There were 24 points scored, and three lead changes in the final two minutes of the game that needed overtime to determine a winner. Harrison Butker made a last second field that secured the Chiefs a chance to win it in the extra session, and Kansas City made no mistake after winning the coin toss.

Patrick Mahomes passes for 378 yards and had three touchdowns in the heroic performance to put the Chiefs back in the AFC Championship game for the fourth straight year.

Josh Allen went for 329 yards and four touchdowns but suffered heart break in Kansas City for a second straight year. The worst part about it for Buffalo is it seemed like they had the game won twice in the final minutes.

Nine points was largest lead, it lasted one play

Both teams scored on their opening drives of the game, and then went quiet until late in the second quarter. Mahomes hit Chris Pringle for a two yard touchdown with under two minutes to go in the half, only to see Allen hit Gabriel Davis to tie the game up a minute and fifteen seconds later.

A quick Kansas City field goal gave the Chiefs the 17-14 lead right out of the gate in the third quarter, and then Mahomes and and Melcore Hardman made it a two score game late in the third quarter.

Allen and the Bills responded immediately with a quick strike to Davis for a 75 yard touchdown on the next play to make it 23-21 heading into the fourth quarter.

Fourth quarter one for the ages

Another Harrison Butker field goal made it a five point game, but that lead was short lived as the Bills took possession and orchestrated a perfect, time consuming touchdown drive to take the lead.

Allen hit Gabriel Davis for his third of a playoff record setting four touchdowns just after the Two Minute Warning to take the lead 29-26 lead after a successful two point conversion to Stefon Diggs in the back of the endzone.

Tyreek Hill ended the Bills celebrations less than a minute later with a 64 yard catch and run for a touchdown to send Arrowhead into eruption.

The Bills bounced back again with an incredible drive that was capped off by Davis and his history making fourth touchdown reception with 13 seconds to go, which was seemingly enough to give Buffalo the win away from home.

Mahomes defies odds, sets up game tying FG in 10 seconds

Two plays and ten seconds later, Mahomes had the Chiefs in field goal range and Butker came on and hit the 49 yard field goal to force overtime.

Allen called the coin flip, which was about the only thing he didn’t get right all night in Kansas City, but the Chiefs received the ball and that would be the last we heard of Allen. Mahomes marched the Chiefs down the field against a gassed Bills defense and put the game on ice with an eight yard touchdown pass to Travis Kelce to send the Chiefs one step closer to the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs will now host the AFC Championship after the Tennessee Titans lost to the Kansas City’s opponent in the conference title game, the Cincinnati Bengals. History will be made next Sunday when the Chiefs become the first team to host four consecutive conference championships.

Mahomes signing the praises of his team and the Bills.

Kansas City making history

Look at the respect between the two QBs

Kelce with the game winner in OT.

Butker ties the game up as the clock expires

Alen to Davis for number four, and the Bills should have had it here, but KC fought back yet again.

Hill raing past everyone to give the Chiefes the lead with just over a minute to go.

Allen to Davis for the third connection of the night.

On the very next play, Allen hits Davis for TD rececption number two of four.

Hardman putting the moves on to make it a two score game.

A minute and fiftenn seconds later Allen had Buffalo in the endzone tying up the game at 14-14

Mahomes makes these plays look routine

Mahomes doing it with his arm or his legs

Singletary with the first TD of many


Mahomes hits who else? Travis Kelce to finish the game and the Chiefs are on to the AFC Championship!!!.

You will never see a better game than what we just witnessed from Arrowhead tonight.

Hardman has the Chiefs inside the 10 yard line and here is the game. 1st and Goal from the BUF 8 yard line.

McKinnon on the screen, picks up 16 yards and the Bills defense looks gassed

Overtime is underway and the Chiefs get the ball first. A TD wins it for the Chiefs. Will the Bills get another crack at it or will Mahomes finish it off on the opening drive of the extra session?


Butker's kick is good!!! We are going to overtime!!! The Chiefs started the drive at the 25 and were at the BUF 31 in just 10 seconds.

What a game. And it's not over yet!!

Two plays in 10 second to put the Chiefs in field goal range.


ALLEN WITH ANOTHER LASER DOWN THE MIDDLE TO DAVIS AGAIN!!! Perfect pass for the 19 yard touchdown and Davis has 4 TD's and has made NFL history.

Bills lead 36-33 in the best football game I have ever seen.

17 seconds to go... Buffalo are at the 19

Davis with another huge catch to push the Bills over midfield. Timeout Bills under 50 to go.


TYREEK HILL IS THE FASTEST MAN ALIVE!!! Mahomes hits Hill over the middle and Hill does the rest taking it 64 yards for the touchdown and the Chiefs lead with 1:02 to go in the 4th.

Mahomes moving the chains on 3rd and 10. Is there anyone in the league you would rather in this position? Maybe Brady, maybe Rodgers, but Mahomes would be tough to pass up.


Allen finds a wide open Davis in the endzone on 4th down to take the lead!! What a route from Davis how has thre TDs on the night!!

And then the Bills get the two point conversion after a wild scramble and finds Diggs in the back of the endzone!! BUF leads 29-26 with 1:54 to go.

The first mistake Allen has made all night comes on third down when he was about to get sacked and looked for Singletary instead of throwin it to his feet. It results in a loss of 7 yards and the Bills have 4th and long coming out of the 2 minute warning.

Allen with the most amazing scarmble of his night and may the most important of his career to move the chains on fourth down. What poise, what an athlete.

Nope, they are going for it on 4th down and 4.

All the talk about TDs, but the Bills might be thinking FG with time o the clock and three timeouts.

Allen picking up the 1st down with his legs and dishing out some punsihment in the meantime.

I know the Bills priority is scoring a touchdown, but htye have to think about the clock as well. Mahomes is on the sidelines waiting. A quick score would be great, but a long drive that takes this game down under two minutes would be even better.

Allen to Beasly on 3rd and 3 picking up 6 yards. Allen going to ole faithful Beasly on a huge third down late in the game.

That was a big stop from the Bills defense after the great run pack from Hill on the punt. They remain within a score with the time running out in the 4th quarter.


On 3rd and 1 from the 6 KC goes to the bag of tricks and it bites them Chiefs in the back side. The option from Kelce to McKinnon is stopped for a loss of 3 and the Chiefs settle for a 28 yard FG.

KC leads 26-21 wtih under 9 to go in the fourth quarter.

Offsetting penalties canceled a fantastic punt from the Bills, and on the re do Hill takes it 45 yards down to the BUF 16.

Allen is dropped in the backfield by Reed and the Chiefs get a huge stop when it seemed like Buffalo was taking the momentum back in this game.

BUF was tucked deep in their terriotry, but an Allen pass to Davis for 17 yards. That's a big first down play to buy some room and move the chains.

Alllen to Davis for the one play 75 yard scoring drive.

KC is stopped at midfield and the Bills get the ball back with a chance to retake the lead.

I don't think the Bills would complain if they got another quick strike score, but they would love to build a drive and let their defense rest a bit.

What a stat that was, Allen has 7 TDs this postseason, and 7 incompletions this post season. That's incredible

We are on to the fourth quarter from Arrowhead and it doesn't get much closer that this. We've already had three classics this weekend, do we have another one instore?

Mahomes just doesn't go down in the back field. Three guys had a crack at him and he skipped around everyone for a positive game.

The air and the momentum has been sucked out of Arrowhead after the Chiefs had just gone up two scores. How does the KC offense respond for a Bills defense that has been on the field for all most all of the third quarter?


A ONE PLAY STUNNER!!! Allen goes deep on the first play of the drive and hits Davis for a 75 yard touchdown, and the Bills aren't done by a long shot.

KC still leads 23-21 with under 2 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter.

The Bills looked like they lost Hardman, by the time they found him, he was already dancing in the endzone.


Hardman on the end around cuts up the corner, hesitates and turns on the jets for a 25 yard touchdown run.

Chiefs lead 23-14 after the missed Butker PAT.

Edwards-Helaire busts a big run for 20 yards. Buffalo were focusing so much on Mahomes and the pass that CEH caught them by surprise.

There is no one better at feeling a rush and evading the pressure than Patrick Mahomes. That first down play could have very easily been a fumble, instead he turns it into a short gain.

The first big decision of the second half is up to coach McDermott and he decides to punt on 4th and 1 from inside Buffalo territory.

KC has the ball and has a chance to make it a two score game with a touchdown.


A holding call brings the Chiefs drive to a halt, and that't the first time we have seen a team get penalized in a big situation. It works out for the Bills, but KC kicks the 39 yard FG to take the lead back midway through the third quarter.

The play actions gets the Bills to bite and that opens up McKinnon for a big gain of 20 and the Chiefs are in the red zone.

The Chiefs are just chipping away at this Buffalo defense. Tought runs and short throws to keep the chains moving. Mahomes doesn't have crazy numbers, but it has been effective.

We are back underway from Arrowhead. The Chiefs will get the ball first, and here comes Mahomes and KC tied 14-14 with the Buffalo Bills.

Allen to Davis just 1:15 later to send both team to halftime dead locked at 14.

Mahomes with another incredible pass for a TD to Pringle.

Mahomes doing it all on his own to tie it up.

Singletary with the opener

Josh Allen is 15/18 for 113 yards and a touchdown and has 45 yards on the ground, Mahomes is 13/19 for 114 and 1 TD with 49 yards rushing.

The Bills scored just 1:15 after the Chiefs took the lead.


The Chiefs run out of time and have to settle for a field goal.  but Butker missed it!! That will take us to the halftime break all level at 14-14.

A touchdown would be great, but the Chiefs won't mind a field goal getting the ball back to start the second half.

How do the Bills leave Hill wide open? He picks up 26 yards and gets out of bounds to keep the drive moving.


Allen finds Davis wide open for the 18 yard touchdown and we are all tied up with under 40 seconds left in the half.

Mahomes and the Chiefs still have time to put some points on the board.

Allen just overpowering the KC defense. He's running all over them with under a minute to go in the half, and the best part about it for Buffalo is he's getting out of bounds.

Mahomes hitting Pringle to take the lead before the half.

The Bills get the ball with 1:52 to go in the half, and they need some points on this drive with KC getting the ball back to start the third quarter.


Mahomes fakes one way, turns back the other way and looked like he had nothing, but Mahomes finds Pringle for the two yard TD pass.

Mahomes was particularly jacked after that TD pass, that puts the Chiefs up 14-7 with under two minutes to go in the second quarter.

KC gets bailed out on 3rd and Goal from the 11, and they will get a fresh set of downs.

The Bills cannot afford to give Kansas City extra chances at points, especially in the red zone.

Mahomes sacked on 1st and Goal and that makes things tougher for the Chiefs to punch it into the endzone.

KC showing a little blend of beauty and the  beast. Edwards-Helaire had a catch and run where he dipped a few defenders with some sweet moves, and then McKinnon lowers his shoulder and barrels over the defender. KC has 1st and Goal from the 8

Edwards-Helaire breaks a run for 22 yards, and every play the Chiefs have had on this drive has ended with a first down.

Mahomes can do no wrong right now, his last two passes to HIll have been sensational.

The last one looked he was nearly parallel with the ground before hitting HIll for the first down.

Mahomes changing the battle of field position with a single snap of the wrist, hitting Kelce for a gain of 21 yards.

Singletary is swallowed up in the backfield on 3rd and short and the Bills will punt on 4th and 4.

Buffalo don't mind going for it on 4th down, but at the moment they want to give KC the ball back with a lot of field to cover.

Mathieu has been ruled out for the rest of the game after being diagnosed with a concussion. That is a huge loss for the KC secondary who is facing one of the hottest quarterbacks in the league.

At the moment the Bills look like the more complete team. They are running the ball well with Singletary which is opening up some space for Allen in the passing game.

The Chiefs are stopped after a three and out, and will be forced to punt from their own end zone.

Didn't think this would turn into a battle for field position, but that's what is happening at the moment. Buffalo will get the ball back at their 43.

Allen sacked for the first time tonight, and he almost gave it up. He was fortunate to have the ball bounce right back into his hands. The first punt of the game pins the Chiefs down at the their own 1.

It's Allens turn now, he picks up the 3rd and 1 with his legs on an 8 yard run.

The third third down conversion on the KC drive results in a TD for Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Mahomes has ran for two first downs, had the flip pass, and then scored a TD all on 3rd down on that drive.


KC punches right back with a drive that was all set up by Patrick Mahomes. He finishes off the drive with an 8 yard diving scarmble to the pylon to even things up.

Singletary on 4th and 2 running it in for the first of many TD's we are expecting in KC tonight.

Mahomes sprinting up field and showing some wheels bursting for 35 yards and the Chiefs are inside the 30.

Mahomes isn't waiting to show some famous Mahomes Magic. Miraculously he escaped a sack, and flipped it to McKinnon on 3rd and 5.

Here comes Mahomes and the Chiefs looking to keep pace with the Bills.

Jones and Ingram were just seen bickering on the sideline after allowing a first possession touchdown. Mathieu is off to the locker room after getting hit in the head on the opening drive.


The gutsy call pays off for the Bills as Singletary runs it in from a yard away.

Bills lead the Chiefs 7-0 after the first possession

The Bills have gone for 4th and short already this drive, will they do it again on 4th and Goal from the 2?

Singletary is showing he's going to be a problem not just on the ground but through the air too. He's got 3 catches for 32 yards already.

Allen has five passes in the first six plays of the game, and the only play that wasn't a pass was an Allen run.

Buffalo looking good out of the gate.

Here we go!!! The Chiefs won the toss and differed. Josh Allen and Buffalo will get the first.

Kelce is JACKED UP pregame.

QB1 and State Farm commercial star Patrick Mahomes getting ready for the big show.

According to the Chiefs are a 2.5 point favorite with the Over/Under set at 54.

We are less than 15 minutes away from kickoff at Arrowhead.

If you are not watching the Bucs Rams game, get to your nearest TV

Akers just fumbled to give Brady and the Bucs a chance to tie up the game with 2 minutes to go.

The Bills are coming into this game on the heels of their best performance of the season.

Josh Allen is going to be in a dream duel against Patrick Mahomes tonight

Bills Mafia will be present in Arrowhead

The Bills didn't leave the drip in Buffalo.

Divisional round drip for the Chiefs

Top seeds have fallen

The top seeds fell in both the NFC and the AFC yesterday. Not only were the Titans knocked out of the playoffs yesterday, the Green Bay Packers also lost on a last second Robbie Gould field goal to send the San Francisco 49ers to the conference championship.

Winner hosts the AFC Championship game

Whoever wins tonight will host the AFC Championship after the Tennessee Titans were taken down by Cincinnati Bengals thanks to Evan McPherson’s last second field goal. The Chiefs are the two seed and the Bills are a three seed in the conference, so whoever comes out of tonight victorious will return home next week for a chance to play in the Super Bowl.

Allen throws for 5 TD vs. Pats

The Bills had maybe the most impressive Wild Card weekend when they smashed the Patriots in the third matchup between the AFC East rivals. Buffalo hosted that game after winning the division on the final week of the regular season, and in their playoff debut they looked like the team everyone was expecting to see for most of the year.

Chiefs have won 10 of last 11

The Chiefs won nine of their last ten to end the regular season seed in the AFC. The second seed earned them a home game against the Steelers last week, and Patrick Mahomes passed for 404 yards and five touchdowns in a 42-21 thumping of Pittsburgh. They return home tonight where they have only lost twice this year.

Spotlight on the QB duel in Arromhead

Hello everyone and welcome to Kansas City where two teams who were the preseason favorites to represent the AFC will battle for the last conference championship spot next week. Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen will go toe to toe in a chilly winter night at Arrowhead.

Bills vs. Chiefs

The Divisional Round comes to an end in Arrowhead tonight when the Chiefs host the Bills from Kansas City. AS English will be with you all night providing live coverage, stats, analysis and highlights of tonight’s prime time playoff match up from the Midwest.


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