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The biggest revelations from Paris Hilton’s memoir

Paris Hilton leaves no topic untouched in her new book, ‘Paris: The Memoir’. These are the biggest talking points.

Paris Hilton leaves no topic untouched in her new book, ‘Paris: The Memoir’. These are the biggest talking points.

Paris Hilton takes readers on a journey through her life in her new book, ‘Paris: The Memoir’.

The book, which was released on March 14, is filled with intimate topics from the 42-year-old’s life while in the spotlight.

Here’s a look at the biggest talking points from ‘Paris: The Memoir’.

The alleged abuse suffered at boarding school

Hilton has previously opened up about the abuse she alleges she suffered at several boarding schools as a teenager.

In ‘Paris: The Memoir’, she talks about some of the harrowing experiences she endured at various CEDU Educational Services Inc. schools, including one in Provo Canyon School in Utah.

“My mind instantly went to the obvious,” Paris wrote about one experience when she was dragged out of bed in the middle of the night. “I’m about to be raped. I’m about to be murdered. Here the memory shatters—a broken mirror in my mind. Two men. Hands on me.”

She also talked about how she was strip-searched, as well as verbally and physically abused after she made multiple attempts to leave the school.

Hilton says she was raped after a trip to the mall

Pars says that her and a female friend went to the mall one-morning while in high school, where a boy she knew invited her back to his apartment.

That’s when Hilton says she reluctantly drank wine coolers before blacking out and being raped.

“I became aware of a crushing weight on me,” Paris recalls. “Suffocating me. Cracking my ribs. I felt a jolt of panic and tried to get up, but the impulse was lost, as if something had severed my spinal cord.

“When I tried to scream, there was no air in my lungs. All that came out was a small, raspy ‘stop...what’s happening?’ Until this guy clamped his hand over my mouth—like, aggressively—like, hard.”

She had a relationship with a teacher

Paris talks about how her and her peers had a crush on a middle-school teacher they nicknamed “Mr. Abercrombie”.

He later told her he had a crush on her, before asking for her number and warning her not to tell anyone.

“Mr. Abercrombie called me almost every night, and we talked for hours about how amazingly mature, beautiful, and intelligent I was, how sensual, misunderstood, and special,” Hilton writes.

“He reminded me that Princess Diana was thirteen years younger than Prince Charles. And Priscilla Presley was my age when Elvis fell in love with her.”

One night, while her parents were gone, the teacher came over and Paris got into his car, and they kissed. Her parents eventually came home and found them, at which point the teacher blamed Paris.

After that, Hilton’s parents sent her to live with her grandmother that summer.

Hilton had an abortion

Paris says that after ‘The Simple Life’ premiered in 2003, she discovered she was pregnant with then-boyfriend Jason Shaw’s child, which left her feeling “terrified and heartsick”.

She decided to get an abortion, which she feels was the right thing to do.

“There was no happy little family at stake,” she wrote. “That was not going to happen. Trying to continue that pregnancy with the physical and emotional issues I was dealing with at the time would have been a train wreck for everyone involved.

“At that moment in my life, I was in no way capable of being a mother.

She turned down an offer from Playboy

Although Paris appeared on the cover of Playboy as its Sex Star of the Year in 2005, she previously rejected an offer from Hugh Hefner to pose for the magazine.

“As I got more famous, Hef really wanted me to do a Playboy cover,” Paris writes. “He kept offering me more and more money, saying I wouldn’t have to be totally naked, just topless. And then saying, I didn’t have to be topless, just sheer.

“And then saying I could wear whatever lingerie I wanted. Even when he offered seven figures, I turned it down, because I knew my mom would lose her mind, and because I had already been branded as a slut after the sex tape.”

Her relationship with Kim Kardashian

Paris says she met Kim Kardashian when Faye Resnick recommended hiring her to organize her wardrobe, and the two immediately hit it off.

“Kim had started a business where she went into the closets of famous people, took whatever they didn’t love, and sold it on eBay,” explained Hilton. “It was genius and generated tens of thousands of dollars for charity and fun money.

She also shared the advice she gave Kardashian, who founded KKW Beauty, while making breakfast one morning.

“She said, ‘I don’t know anyone who parties as hard as you do and looks as good as you do,’” to which Hilton responded. “Skin care. Seriously. If you take nothing else from my story, receive this: Skin care is sacred.”