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What is the ‘Facial Gum’ advertised on TikTok? Does it work?

Another TikTok craze has hit the public eye. Here’s what it’s all about.

Another TikTok craze has hit the public eye. Here’s what it’s all about.
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Nowadays, it seems that a new TikTok craze is sweeping across the screens of the young and old every day. We’ve already seen internet servers the world over fizzle and smoke as the Hawk Tuah girl spreads her, erm, advice to millions watching.

But what’s the latest fad to slap itself into our consciousness? Well, it seems to be a product called ‘facial gum, also known as ‘fitness chewing gum’ that is being advertised on the video platform. Facial Gum is a trend that appears to be popular with young men who wish to get that Johnny Bravo jawline.

Hang on, isn’t this just another bogus product that I should swipe past? Let’s have a look...

What does Facial Gum do?

Various companies have been pushing their gum on the application, with Stronger Gum saying looking like a character from Twilight with strong jaw muscles is “not only beneficial for facial appearance but also essential for health”.

They add that “strong jaw muscles promote correct oral posture: mouth closed, teeth aligned, tongue resting against the roof of mouth and stable head position. Correct oral posture has many important benefits such as breathing through the nose providing up to 20% more oxygen to your body.”

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How much does Facial Gum cost?

After a quick scope of the website, Stronger Gum prices range from anywhere between $21 to over $90, depending on the amount of packs you wish to buy, and at what strength you wish to chew. Yes, you can buy normal strength gum or stronger, and they all fit into your specific program, including how many pieces, at what times and for how long you have to chew.

Does Facial Gum work?

Right now, according to the latest scientific data, there is no conclusive proof that these products work to improve the consumer’s jawline or aid to increase their state of health.

Dr. Kieren Bong, cosmetic doctor and founder of Essence Medical Cosmetic Clinic, told HealthLine that “as a doctor, I find the claim that chewing gum defines the jawline oversimplified. While chewing gum can engage the jaw muscles, any resulting definition is likely minimal and varies between individuals,” he explained.

“It’s unsurprising that this claim is trending, given the public’s fascination with easy, noninvasive beauty solutions promoted on social media. However, it’s essential to rely on scientifically backed methods for significant changes in appearance rather than quick fixes with limited evidence”, he concluded.

The best way to improve your jawline, the report adds, is to simply maintain a balanced diet and exercise regularly, as well as taking care of your skin. These three things, together, are the guaranteed best way to remove facial fat and have you looking even better than having chewed up and hawk tuah-d a box of gum.