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Clash for 2022

League of Legends Clash Schedule 2022: tournament calendar and requirements to participate

After the start of the 2022 season, another year of Clash arrives, and here is the annual tournament schedule that commences this week.

League of Legends Clash Schedule 2022: tournament calendar and requirements to participate

League of Legends is synonymous with competitions and tournaments. One of the pioneering games in the field of esports continues in 2022 to offer new events, whether professional or for any type of player. With the presentation of the new annual season also comes another year of Clash and here we tell you everything you need to know about it, in addition to leaving you with the schedule that Riot Games has shared.

What is Clash in League of Legends?

It is a monthly tournament that started running in April 2018 and continues to this day. It is a competitive game mode where players can form teams of five members to compete against other teams of our tier. It is worth mentioning that to create the teams we can do it on Monday, but that the matches will take place during the weekend, on Saturday or Sunday. If we win the three designated matches we can get a trophy and several rewards, which will improve as we achieve more. If, on the other hand, our team loses the first round, we will always have the option of playing consolation matches to improve the total prizes.

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What do you need to participate in Clash?

  • Reached level 30
  • Completed placements in at least one Summoner's Rift ranked queue
  • Verified your League account by SMS (this is a new Clash-specific feature)

2022 Clash Schedule

Lock-In Begins

Tournament Days

Ionia Cup

Week 1

February 14

February 19-20

Week 2

February 28

March 5-6

Freljord Cup

Week 1

March 14

March 19-20

Week 2

March 28

April 2-3

Piltover Cup

Week 1

April 11

April 16-17

Week 2

April 25

April 30 - May 1

To Be Announced

Week 1

May 9

May 14-15

Week 2

May 16

May 21-22

Demacia Cup

Week 1

June 6

June 11-12

Week 2

June 20

June 25-26

Shadow Isles Cup

Week 1

July 4

July 9-10

Week 2

July 18

July 23-24

Zaun Cup

Week 1

August 1

August 6-7

Week 2

August 15

August 20-21

Noxus Cup

Week 1

August 29

September 3-4

Week 2

September 12

September 17-18

To Be Announced

Week 1

September 26

October 1-2

Week 2

October 10

October 15-16

To Be Announced

Week 1

November 14

November 19-20

Week 2

November 28

December 3-4

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 Source | Riot Games (1)


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