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War Totems

Horizon Forbidden West War Totems: location and how many there are

We help you to find all the war totems in Horizon Forbidden West detailing their exact location on the map as well as what is the final reward.

Horizon Forbidden West War Totems: location and how many there are

In Horizon Forbidden West we expect a large number of collectibles and places to discover in the vast Forbidden West full of possibilities. We help you find them all as part of our guide and in this case we talk about the totems of war, artifacts that make reference to God of War. By finding all three we will get as a reward a face paint that is very reminiscent of the white face with red stripe of Kratos, so whether you are fans of the saga as if you want to unlock all possible secrets of the game, you can not miss this detailed guide with maps and other useful explanations.

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Where to find all the War Totems

Totem of War

To start our search for nothing more and nothing less than the totem that represents Kratos himself, we must go to the icy mountain that we point out on the map. Once there, we see a hut and on the left side is the statuette.

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Totem of Youth

This can be found in the northern part of the island that is west of the map. Until we have not reached the main mission, Faro's Tomb, we can not get here, but once passed we can look for a bridge and find there the figurine of Atreus.

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Totems of Brotherhood

To find this third and last totem we must travel to the location indicated on the map (south-east) and approach a beach. We find it in a hole in the sand, which can be easily detected if we observe the area well. In this case, it is a totem that emulates the blacksmith brothers that we know in the last God of War game, Brok and Sindri. The totem is a totem, so when we collect it we will have finished the collection and the face painting of Kratos, Mark of War, will be automatically unlocked in our collection.

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