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Lost Ark unveils its roadmap for April and May: new continent and new classes

South Vern will be the new Lost Ark continent and new classes arrive. The development team says it wants to improve the free progression paths in the game.

Lost Ark unveils its roadmap for April and May: new continent and new classes

Amazon Games and Smilegate have announced Lost Ark's roadmap for the months of April and May 2022. After an extraordinary debut with hundreds of thousands of players, the MMORPG consolidates its proposal with more stability in its servers, but with equally ambitious objectives. To begin with, the game will receive a new continent called South Vern; in addition to two advanced classes, the Glaivier and the Destroyer, among many other new features.

  • Lost Ark releases in April
  • Lost Ark releases in May

Lost Ark releases in April

First of all, the Smilegate RPG team has committed to the community to focus on “on horizontal content and giving players clear paths for progression without feeling like they need to pay” in the near future. “We want to give more players time to reach the end-game before introducing Legion Raids (the definitive Lost Ark raiding experience), and ensure players are able to explore Arkesia and progress at their own pace without feeling pressured to race toward end-game content.”

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To this end, April will continue "that trend". The Glaivier is the new advanced martial artist class.

  • Glaivier Advanced Class: “Practicing an artistic and deadly form of martial arts, the Glaivier slices and dices her way through the battlefield, weaving together attacks with her spear and glaive. The Glaivier has two distinct skill sets which can be swapped between— Focus and Flurry— with each stance and skill set represented by one of her two weapons.” Her spear is shorter. It is an advanced class of martial artist, just like the Wardancer, Soulfist, Scrapper and Striker.
  • South Vern: new region for the Arkesia universe with new mysteries, new characters and quests. "South Vern will join Punika as the second Tier 3 continent" and has an item level requirement of 1340. They will soon explain how to reach Tier 3 and participate in this new adventure.
  • Quality of life upgrades: all four members can submit a map to get rewards with one run. Chat tab settings are shared across a player's Roster. Improved Book of Coordination settings: With this update you will be able to use skill presets, tripod level, skill runes, gems, item set effects, etc.
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Lost Ark releases in May

Smilegate is targeting this May for the arrival of the advanced Destroyer class and quality of life adjustments. All this in addition to the Valtan's Legion Raid and Deskaluda, though “will be moved if we feel these activities would create pressure within the community. Eventually, end-game content will be introduced, but players should feel comfortable to continue progressing at their own pace.”

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  • Destroyer: new class within the advanced Warrior class (like the Berserker, Paladin and Gunlancer), with a wide variety of skills and hammers. Their attacks are devastating.
  • Trial Guardian Raids: new weekly activity for players looking for more challenges. Each week, players will be able to attempt to defeat three Trial Guardians. Each has its own access requirements. Guardian rotations will also be weekly. It should be noted that, unlike normal Guardian Raids, in these Trial Guardian Raids the so-called "Scale of Harmony" will be applied: the item level of the characters will be adjusted to that of the enemy.

Lost Ark is available exclusively for PC as free-to-play (free with microtransactions or in-app purchases).

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