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Halo season premiere

Clippy, the Word clip, is back to save Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite's Season 2 kicks off with a big surprise: the return of Clippy, Microsoft's voice assistant... which Cortana had just replaced!

Clippy, the Word clip, is back to save Halo Infinite

The first season of Halo Infinite has been like a long journey through the desert. Six months of delays, content in drips and drabs, exorbitant prices and departures from the studio. Luckily, season 2 has arrived in the game this week, and it is full of surprises. One of them is the return of Clippy, the mythical Microsoft Office assistant who asked us if we needed help every time we opened Word. And we're not saying that the wait was worth it just for him, but...

Although Clippy already appears among the customization options of our Spartan, it is not available as a reward for leveling up (not even by paying the season pass). This means that it will eventually reach the store or will be part of a temporary event (fingers crossed that it will be the latter since they are free). This will appear as a sticker for armor and vehicles, as a keychain on the weapon, and even as a badge on our nameplate.

Clippy was killed by Cortana

It is curious that the return of our favorite Clippy comes with a Halo game when it was precisely Cortana who displaced him. A few years ago, when Windows 10 landed on our computers, tablets and mobile devices, the iconic AI that has been accompanying the Master Chief in all his adventures became the one who lent her voice and advice to the rest of the world. Or without blaming Cortana, Clippy's dismissal was a response to the success of Siri and Alexa, the voice assistants of Apple and Amazon, respectively.

In any case, Clippy is not the only new feature of Halo Infinite season 2, called Lone Wolves. Two new maps have also been added (Breaker and Catalyst), several more game modes (King of the Hill or Last Spartan Standing), a second battle pass with 100 levels and dozens of customization items, as well as various gameplay tweaks (for example, you kill faster). You can see all details at this link.

This second season will run until November 7, and it won't be until the third season that the campaign co-op mode and the editor (Forge) in multiplayer will be added. But with Clippy, the rest is secondary. Hopefully, someday they'll introduce him like in this Daily Halo Infinite Moments parody.


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