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Minecraft removes fireflies from its next update 1.19

Following the community feedback, Minecraft removes from its plans the introduction of fireflies as part of the Wild Update in version 1.19.

Minecraft removes fireflies from its next update 1.19

The Minecraft Wild Update removes one of the expected creatures by the community. The update, which will be part of version 1.19, says goodbye to fireflies for not being consistent with reality. Anna Lundgren, producer of the video game, explains the specific reasons for their removal.

Why won't there be fireflies in Minecraft 1.19?

"Fireflies was originally part of the plan for the Wild Update. “, Lundergren reveals in a video poster on the official Minecraft YouTube account. “We wanted them to be a food source for the new frogs, but then we got great feedback from you guys in our lovely community and you taught us that a lot of species of fireflies and firebugs that are out there are poisonous to toads and frogs. And of course, we didn’t want to add that into our game. So we provided the frogs with a safer food source - the tiny slimes!”

Lundgren notes that fireflies remain for the team "super interesting as an idea and a concept,” but they are “no longer part of the plans for the Wild Update”. “They are part of our ideas library. But we don’t have any concrete plans for adding them in any upcoming update,” she concludes.

This Wild Update, as they call it, is expected to arrive sometime later this year in both the Java and Bedrock versions. In addition to adding the Deep Dark and Mangrove biomes, players will see a new structure in the depths (ancient cities), enemies like the Warden, frogs as animals and much more. As always, these contents will be added at no additional cost.

The news comes almost a month after the release of additional content dedicated to Sonic. The famous blue hedgehog boasts thematic elements with exclusive levels such as Green Hill or Chemical Plant.

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