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Minecraft 1.19: all the new features of this new version

Under the name The Wild, update 1.19 is now available in Minecraft Java and Bedrock and brings with it a handful of varied new features to review.

Minecraft 1.19: all the new features of this new version

After the arrival of The Wild update for the Java and Bedrock versions, we discover all the new features coming with patch 1.19, available as of Tuesday, June 28th. Warnings for violating online game rules, the Warden and the Mangrove Swamp, the disappearance of the fireflies... all this and much more.

All the new features of Minecraft 1.19

For starters, one of the most interesting features for players who enjoy their online games is that from now on Minecraft will warn users who have committed any violation of the game's rules. Something punishable with bans, through a notification in the game interface. At first, a warning screen will be displayed and through the information that appears we will be able to know the motive for which we can be banned and the time of duration of the ban in order to fix it in time.

Frogs and new blocks: Froglight

On the other hand, the arrival of frogs and their novelties is what has caused the removal of fireflies because they are poisonous to amphibians. Two of the blocks with which the frogs will be able to feed are the slimes and the magma cubes. By doing the latter we will be able to get a froglight, a block of illumination that can be green, yellow or purple depending on the type of magma block that the frog eats. Thus, there will be variations between cold, warm or temperate frogs.

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A powerful Warden

With update 1.19 comes the monster with the longest life bar of all, which can become more complicated even than the Ender Dragon itself. Once the sculk shrieker is activated for the fourth time, this enemy will come into action and attack us with powerful moves that remove 4 hearts at once. A challenge that will be worth facing.

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To do so, we can use, among other spells and weapons, the Swift Sneak enchantment. With three levels and only available in the Old City, this new structure of the warden is generated between -1 and -64.

New biome: the mangrove swamp

On the other hand we have the arrival of a new biome to Minecraft. The Mangroves are characterized by having a new mud floor and reddish mangrove wood. Thanks to the combination of these mud blocks with wheat, Packed Mud blocks can be obtained, a decorative and aesthetic element.

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Overall, there are still some mysteries to be solved from this 1.19 update but we are looking forward to unraveling the secrets of the new indestructible block of the Reinforced Deepslate, a mysterious block that is part of the portal to the Ancient Cities whose fate is still unknown.