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House of the Dragon sweeps the ratings and smashes Game of Thrones premiere figures

The debut of the Game of Thrones latest series achieves the best premiere for any HBO series of all time, reaching almost 10 million viewers.

House of the Dragon sweeps the ratings and smashes Game of Thrones premiere figures

House of the Dragon, the new prequel series based on the Game of Thrones universe, has achieved overwhelming audience figures, positioning itself as the best premiere for an HBO series of all time with its 9.9 million viewers for the broadcast of its first episode.

Quite an achievement, as it has more than doubled the audience of Game of Thrones' 2011 debut and its just over 4 million viewers. This, however, taking into account that streaming is much more established today than it was a decade ago. All in all, Dragon House is a milestone for HBO Max.

A historic premiere for House of the Dragon

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HBO Max assures that these almost 10 million viewers will represent between 20% and 40% of the total audience of the series, as is the case with other similar productions, so it is expected that the total number of viewers will increase considerably over time and seasons. We can speak in similar terms of the records of Game of Thrones, since although it started with just over 4 million viewers, it should not be forgotten that its last season managed to gather almost 18 million viewers in front of their screens.

"HBO has once again tapped into the magic of Game of Thrones with its spinoff series, House of the Dragon. Diehard GoT fans have been eagerly anticipating more from the franchise and they turned out in force for House of the Dragon, with the HBO program generating the biggest single-day premium cable or streaming viewership premiere in 2022. More than doubling the initial same-day viewership of Netflix’s Season 4 premiere of Stranger Things, the Game of Thrones prequel recaptured the fire of HBO’s original masterpiece in a big way," they note from Samba TV (via Deadline).

House of the Dragon will air new episodes every week through October 23, on HBO Max.

Source | Bloomberg


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