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DRM anti-piracy software Denuvo coming to Nintendo Switch

The eternal fight against illegal downloading continues on consoles, but there are lights and shadows in Nintendo's upcoming anti-piracy strategy

DRM anti-piracy software Denuvo coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is known to be intransigent when it comes to protecting its IPs. And we say it clearly because it doesn't care about taking down websites that distribute its precious software for profit, as well as emotional and sacrificial tributes raised from nothing with a lot of love by its own fans. We agree with the former, but not at all with the latter.

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Switch shields its digital walls

Piracy has always been a major problem for the cultural industry. Film, literature, music... The video game industry is no exception, and Nintendo, with its imposing importance in the industry, has always been a victim and a target.

Denuvo is a popular software used to combat illegal downloads on the internet in PC games. It has been made public that it will be coming to Switch for the same purpose. The news should be positive, after all, it is conducive to the industry and the consumer.

The fact is that the side effects of the application of DRM are well known, that is, poor performance of games that, in the case of PC, resulted in problems for users who had purchased the game legally. Obviously, we find this objectionable. The company owes to the users because it has its raison d'être in them. You cannot betray them, put them in doubt, or make it difficult for them to enjoy your product.

At MeristStation we have the strange conviction that people should be paid for their work. Piracy profits the "smart ones", the mafias, the scammers, leaving the creator defenseless and without seeing a cent for their hard work. From here we do not criticize Nintendo's decision to strengthen its borders, we are alienated in that. We are against methods that harm the loyal user that keeps them in the privileged place they occupy right now.

Source | IGN

DRM anti-piracy software Denuvo coming to Nintendo Switch
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