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Henry Cavill boasts of his Warhammer collection and reveals how many hours he spends playing video games

The famous actor who recently returned to his role as Superman admits that he "scares" his guests with his Warhammer miniatures.

Henry Cavill boasts of his Warhammer collection and reveals how many hours he spends playing video games

In recent weeks, Henry Cavill has been one of the big stars of the superhero film industry due to his return to the role of Superman. This long-awaited announcement has caused another setback with The Witcher series. Whatever the case, many are the headlines that have taken the actor's statements and everything surrounding the future of DC in the movies. Although, we must stop at a curious revelation that took place during his recent chat with Josh Horowitz: his passion for the Warhammer universe and video games.

Henry Cavill, Warhammer and video games

As the actor himself acknowledged in the past, he is an avowed Warhammer fan, something he demonstrates every time he receives guests at home: "I definitely had people over at my house and very proudly shown them my miniatures and they are like, ‘Okay.’ You can see them going like ‘Oh yeah, that’s really good,’ and you can just see them thinking ‘God, get me out of here, I need another beer,’” the actor said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast.

And according to Cavill himself, he has a large collection of Warhammer figurines, something he has already shared in the past through his official Instagram account; he even claims to have a statue of the Lich King that Blizzard sent to the actor on the occasion of the launch of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. Although he is also a big fan of video games, especially those related to his favorite franchise, a hobby that occupies him several hours a day.

So much so that Cavill says he spends about four hours a day "or maybe more" playing video games and that these weeks he is devoting a lot of time to Total War: Warhammer 3: "I love that game, it's so good," concludes the actor to the applause of the audience.

Source | Gamerant


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