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Sonic Frontiers: every review around the world praises it as the best 3D title in the series

We roundup every Sonic Frontiers review available on the internet to figure out how Sega’s blue blur did in his first open-world style game.

Sonic Frontiers: every review around the world praises it as the best 3D title in the series

After years of ups and downs in 3D, Sega was itching to reinvigorate Sonic and give us a new game that could bring the series to new heights. A title that had an entirely different style that held up to modern standards, but that was also able to cater to the most nostalgic of fans. The result? Sonic Frontiers, the Hedgehog’s first dip into the open-world style of games, the franchise’s first sandbox that’s out this November 8 2022 in almost every platform available (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC). The question is, did Sega manage to reach its goals?

It seems like the international games press agrees in claiming that Sonic Frontiers could be the best 3D entry in the saga since Sonic Colors. The general consensus is the same, but even yet every single medium warns that this could very well be a foundation over which to keep building up. A first step in a long journey, there’s plenty of space for improvements in every aspect of the formula. While the content and variety of gameplay is well celebrated, most of the problems stem from its combat and technical performance.

Sonic Frontiers: all the available reviews

With an average of 73 throughout over 30 reviews around the world (as of this moment), Sonic Frontiers is posed to be a ray of hope for the fans of the speedy hedgehog. Leaving behind the doubt generated by the first trailers, this game has delivered on the promised new roads the saga needed so badly, and will most likely be well received by the fans. Here’s a list of almost every review there is:

  • Attack of the Fanboy - 90
  • Shacknews - 90
  • GamingTrend - 85
  • MeriStation - 80
  • Multiplayer - 80
  • Game Rant - 80
  • Push Square - 80
  • GamesBeat - 80
  • IGN Japón - 80
  • Metro Game Central - 80
  • VGC - 80
  • Game Informer - 78
  • Easy Allies - 75
  • God is a Geek - 75
  • Press Start - 75
  • GameSpot - 70
  • IGN - 70
  • GamesRadar - 40
  • Digital Trends - 20
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