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T'Challa's not the only one: all of Marvel's Black Panther characters

With the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, we take the opportunity to review the different characters who have played Black Panther in the comics.

T'Challa's not the only one: all of Marvel's Black Panther characters

The day has come, the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, has arrived in theaters. This film, at just over 2 hours, and 40 minutes, takes us back to Wakanda, but with one significant change, the absence of the late Chadwick Boseman in the titular role.

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Within the comics, the mantle of Black Panther, protector of Wakanda, has always fallen to T'Challa, the best-known king of the African nation. However, and as is to be expected in the world of comics, he has been one of many, as we have seen other characters step into his role in Marvel comics for many years. On this opportunity, we take a look at the most emblematic ones.

Black Panther beyond T'Challa


  • First appearance: Black Panther (Vol. 7 #2)
  • First appearance: Black Panther (Vol. 7 #2)


  • First appearance: Black Panther #7

Bashenga is a warrior shaman born into the Panther Tribe, instructed by none other than the Goddess Panther, Bast. In addition to being the second Black Phanter (since 1,000,000 B.C.), he was the first King of Wakanda.

King Azzuri

  • First appearance: Fantastic Four Unlimited #1

Azrrurri was the King of Wakada during World War II. He is T'Chaka's father, making him T'Challa's grandfather. As protector of the nation of Wakanda, he was known for his hostility towards invaders; he was said to hunt Nazi soldiers as a hobby.


  • First appearance: Fantastic Four #53

He is the grandson of Azzurri, from whom he inherited the throne of King of Wakanda. Ulysses S. Klaw who sought to appropriate the vibranium attacks Wakanda. In the confrontation, Klaw prepared to kill the young prince instead, but T'Chaka shielded him and died.


  • First appearance: Black Panther (Vol. 4) #2

In the comics, upon T'Chaka's death, S'Yan ruled in his steed until T’Challa was old enough to take the throne. However, he was said to be a fair and just ruler. He lost the title in the tournament for the same, after being defeated by T'Challa, his nephew.


  • First appearance: Black Panther (Vol. 4) #2

Surprisingly, Shuri's incursion as Black Panther led to something unusual: there were two title holders simultaneously. She is the sister of T'Challa, who succumbed to a coma - from which he managed to recover - after his encounter with Doctor Doom.

White Tiger

  • First appearance: Black Panther (Vol. 3) #50

His name fits as little with the title of Black Panther as his merits to hold it, since he did absolutely nothing to achieve it. Kevin "Kasper" Cole became Black Panther by "borrowing" a bulletproof Black Panther costume being stored by his boss Sergeant Tork, and began wearing it. As you can imagine, he lasted very little time in office.


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