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The Walking Dead confirms the length of its last chapter, the longest in its history

AMC's popular series comes to an end this week after 11 seasons, 177 episodes, and more than 12 years on the air with a very long final episode.

The Walking Dead confirms the length of its last chapter, the longest in its history

The Walking Dead, the popular AMC series based on the comic book of the same name by Robert Kirkman and which has been terrorizing its fans for so many years through its different seasons, comes to an end this week with the broadcast of the final episode of its 11th season. After 12 years of broadcasting and 177 episodes, we will finally be able to watch the conclusion of the journey of its main characters in a world ravaged by zombies. And we already know the length of its last episode, entitled Rest in Peace, the longest in the history of the series.

The Walking Dead and its conclusive ending

As such, the last episode of The Walking Dead titled Rest in Peace will have a total running time in its original AMC broadcast of 90 minutes instead of the usual 60 minutes, counting commercials. Let's remember that the last episodes of previous seasons had a duration of about 64 or 65 minutes without commercials. All in all, we will have about 20 extra minutes of footage to say goodbye to The Walking Dead in its final episode.

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Rest in Peace will not be available a week earlier through AMC+, but will premiere simultaneously on all platforms on November 20, 2022, at 6:00pm PT / 9:00pm ET on AMC and AMC+, ending 11 seasons and 12 years of broadcasting of one of the most influential series of recent times, which has suffered several ups and downs in terms of quality. AMC+ subscribers have already been able to enjoy the special The Walking Dead: The Making of the Final Season, a making-of-style extra episode that tells the ins and outs of the production of the last season of the series, instead of the preview of the last episode.

The first 10 seasons of The Walking Dead can be enjoyed via Netflix, while you can keep up with the entire series on AMC. The Walking Dead franchise will continue next year with new spin-offs such as The Walking Dead: Dead City with Maggie and Negan or a still-untitled series focused on Daryl Nixon with Norman Reedus, along with the miniseries dedicated to Rick Grimes and Michonne as an epilogue, among others.

Source | Comicbook