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Fortnite x My Hero Academia: everything we know about the upcoming collaboration

We tell you everything we know about the upcoming My Hero Academia collaboration with Fortnite: what new outfits are we getting and when will they be available.

Fortnite x My Hero Academia: everything we know about the upcoming collaboration

The My Hero Academia collaboration is coming sooner rather than later to Fortnite, as it’s one of the main showcases that Season 1 of Chapter 4 will have. In this article we’ve gathered everything we know about it, including when it’s out and what Outfits we’ll get.

When will the My Hero Academia collab be available in Fortnite? Dates and details

Epic Games showed a teaser that suggests some of the upcoming content coming to Fortnite in December 2022: a Mr. Beast collaboration (whose Outfit can already been seen in the Fracture finale event), one with NBA player Giannis Antetokounmpo, and last but not least a My Hero Academia one.

A page from the popular Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump has revealed that the collab comes to Fortnite on December 16, 2022. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s live.

What items and Outfits will be included in the My Hero Academia x Fortnite collab?

In the gameplay trailer for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, we were able to witness none other than Izuku Midoriya, the young hero known as Deku, unleashing a Detroit Smash. The Detroit Smash will be a new Mythical Weapon in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, similar to how the Kamehameha from Dragon Ball worked during Chapter 3 Season 3. By the looks of it, its effect might be just as, if not more, powerful than the previous one, launching a massive front-facing energy wave that deals lots of damage and demolishes the environment.

Besides Deku’s Outfit, other My Hero Academia could be on the way to the game. Up until now every anime collab in Fortnite has come in packs of four characters (typically 3 men and 1 woman), so the other three candidates to come to the game could well be All Might, Bakugo/Dynamight, and Ochako Uraraka/Uravity.

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