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What’s the difference between gold and blue verification marks in Twitter, and how do you get each one?

We tell you what each of the new marks you’ll find on Twitter mean

What’s the difference between gold and blue verification marks in Twitter, and how do you get each one?

Every company that works on the Internet is forced to improve and evolve constantly. Otherwise they risk the chance of being left behind by their competitors, but sometimes these changes come by order of a new administration, such as what’s happened with Twitter, where you can now find different colored marks that have substituted the old verification process. We’ll tell you how many there are and what each of them means.

Differences between Twitter’s new marks

The good old times of simply finding out if you were getting real information from an official account on Twitter by just looking for a blue mark are over. The social network has changed a lot since the beginning of the year, and all of this has to do with Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company.

The tech giant has already imposed a new law, and with it the verification process has changed. The blue mark is no longer what it used to be, and now there’s different colors that all mean different things.

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From now on, these are all the marks available:

  • Gold for companies and corporations
  • Grey for official government accounts
  • Blue for individuals

These new marks are already being distributed to various accounts around the internet. The transparent medal that told you if an account was official or not seems to only have been used temporarily, and now it is being discontinued.

Remember that from now on, every single user will have a blue checkmark no matter what sort of person they are, be they authors, politicians, celebrities or influencers. Musk warned that there would be no distinction between people, only organizations.

How to obtain Twitter’s new insignias

As was mentioned before, Twitter verification doesn’t exist anymore. You don’t need to send your personal information to the company for your identity to be verified, and instead only need to subscribe to Twitter Blue to get your mark. This is going to be the norm amongst all users, although your position in a company or organization might give you the option of choosing a color.