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James Gunn denies Variety and confirms whether or not he wants Pattinson's Batman in the new DCU

Variety points to a crucial decision for the future of James Gunn's new DCU, and the filmmaker denies it: does he really wants Battinson?

James Gunn denies Variety and confirms whether or not he wants Pattinson's Batman in the new DCU

These are really turbulent days at DC. The news about the future of its superheroic cinematic universe, which is being remodeled from top to bottom at the hands of its new directors, James Gunn and Peter Safran, are constantly coming in. These days they are preparing their new plan for the coming years with decisions that will not please everyone but that are intended to preserve the future of DC and its characters, as Gunn himself recently assured.

One of these decisions has already arrived: the definitive departure of Henry Cavill as Superman, despite his recent announcement of his return after Black Adam. Although it also seems that another of DC's big stars, Batman, will also be the subject of controversy. So much so that Variety recently claimed that Gunn intended to add Robert Pattinson's Batman to his new DCU; well, the director himself has assured that this is "totally false".

Robert Pattinson to continue in his own universe as Batman

This was assured by James Gunn himself through his official Twitter account, a tool he constantly uses to share news and stay in touch with fans. And Variety, one of the most reliable Hollywood media about news and movie leaks, recently assured that "James Gunn and Peter Safran are exploring the possibility of incorporating Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson's Batman into their wider DC universe," a possibility that many would celebrate, since in the absence of a new Batman for a shared universe, what better than to have the successful version of Reeves and Pattinson.

Well, James Gunn was quick to deny the news, assuring that "There are few reporters I love more than Adam B. Vary - truly a good guy - but in this case he needs to get a new source as this is entirely untrue," wrote the filmmaker, thus ruling out the possibility of including Robert Pattinson's Batman to his new universe under construction.

Of course, the new DCU also needs a new Batman, as Ben Affleck has already passed into history despite his upcoming cameos in the final stage of the still-present DCEU. Which actor will have the challenging task of taking up the mantle of the Dark Knight with another celebrated Batman already in place? Or perhaps Gunn will forgo having his own Batman so as not to cause more confusion among the general public?

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