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How much time we have to spend in World of Warcraft to get Diablo 4 for free has been estimated

Following the same steps to unlock Overwatch 2 skins through World of Warcraft, it is also possible to get our hands on Blizzard's next game.

How much time we have to spend in World of Warcraft to get Diablo 4 for free has been estimated

Farming, a tactic so profitable in some video games that can turn into an absolute nightmare if we don't know how to stop it in time. This is the case of unlocking skins in Overwatch 2, a process that can take us a long, long time; however, some time ago we reported on a very effective method that aimed to speed up such a tedious task, all thanks to World of Warcraft. Thanks to Blizzard's popular MMORPG, we can also get our hands on Diablo 4, one of the company's upcoming releases, completely free of charge. This is how the German portal Mein-MMO explains it, giving the details on how to get hold of the next Diablo release just for playing World of Warcraft. And you won't need as much time as it might appear.

If you are a regular WoW player you have a prize

Thanks to this method, we will be able to get our hands on Diablo 4 for free when it comes out in the summer of next year through if we dedicate a few hours to World of Warcraft, and they are less than it might seem at first. The trick is to accumulate Tokens that can be obtained at the World of Warcraft auction house, a currency that can vary in value depending on demand but remains fairly stable over time.

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Tokens are earned by completing daily quests or crafting rare materials to sell in the game's auction houses, among other activities. As a result, these tokens can be invested to get a month of game time in World of Warcraft or redeemed for $15 that are added to our account. All in all, and according to the Mein-MMO portal, with the current value of the Token, we would need about 16 hours of game time to obtain a total of 1,644,000 gold coins, the equivalent of 6 Tokens.

With those 5 tokens, we could purchase Diablo 4 Standard Edition on, since they are approximately equivalent to the $69.99 that the game is worth on that platform for PC. For the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions, we would need 6 and 7 Tokens, respectively, the equivalent of 19 and 21 hours of gameplay. Actually, it is less effort and we still have time until June 2023, which is when Diablo 4 will be released.

Source | Mein-MMO


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