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STALKER 2 shows off life in The Zone in its new trailer, confirms 2023 release date

GSC Game World shared a new STALKER 2 trailer that shows off in game footage in real time. The game is releasing at some point in 2023.

STALKER 2 shows off life in The Zone in its new trailer, confirms 2023 release date

STALKER 2 didn’t want to leave its players without a last tidbit of information about the game in 2022. Even with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the country where GSC World’s headquarters are located, the development team is still firm on their commitment to launch the sequel during the coming year. You can see their spectacular trailer right here.

The Zone, in great detail

From the video you can gather a few things. The first of them is how amazing its graphics are. It’ll be one of the first games officially published to market that uses Unreal Engine 5, the latest version of Epic Games popular game engine. From the gameplay side of things, the trailer confirms the return of their grid-based inventory system, which makes players worry not only about the weight of items and loot, but also their size and shape to try and fit them in their backpack.

During exploration you’ll also find a compass on the upper side of the screen, a resource that’ll help you keep in view points of interest around your player character. And with some heavy clicks of a trigger we’re reminded that unless you want to be left dead in the water (perhaps literally), you’ll have to count every bullet to not be caught with an empty magazine. Because, as fans of the series know, you won’t only be fighting humanoids.

The Zone is wrapped in many mysteries that you’ll have to untangle little by little. Beyond a simple military survival shooter, you’ll also find terrifying mutants born from the irradiated lands of Chernobyl, and of course mind-bending Anomalies that have twisted the fabric of reality to the extremes.

STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl will release on Xbox Series X|S and PC at some point of 2023. It’ll be available on Day One to all Xbox Game Pass Subscribers on PC, Consoles and Cloud gaming.

Source | GSC Game World