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The 16 most awaited movies of 2023

After a spectacular 2022 for movies, this year seems intent on increasing the pace of quality. We’ve got a juicy list of the most awaited releases for 2023.

The 16 most awaited movies of 2023

When you talk about the box office, December 2022 was like watching a racer in first place being almost surpassed by a rival that just left the starting line.

Top Gun: Maverick was leading the pack with almost 1.5 billion dollars from around the world since its release back in May. In only a few weeks, Avatar: The Way of Water, which released on December 6, managed to make a total of 1.3 billion in only four weeks. The rest box office hits of the year (Jurassic World, Doctor Strange, Minions and Black Panther) where only able to wave as James Cameron’s movie flew past them.

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A promising 2023 for the Movie industry’s economic health

Looking at the trends, this year might be the year the Movie industry comes back from a bad recession. While Avatar 2 continues its race towards the podium to become one of the most successful films in history (we’ll see if it actually does), the following months are filled with newcomers that are sure to rake in audiences back to theaters. Here’s a list of almost 20 films that are sure to become blockbusters.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Marvel has seen a slower pace and a decrease in popularity since Endgame released. Like a success hangover that just won’t go away. Ant-Man and the Wasp’s new movie should help clear out the fog about what’s next for the House of Ideas. They’re not exactly first class characters, but they’re loved by everybody. We’ll see if they’re able to fix some things.

John Wick 4

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A franchise worthy of study, given that the first one went from small action film to cult classic, all the way to cultural phenomenon that changed the way movies are made today. With three entries into the franchise already, and having become a new icon of the action genre, part 4 of John Wick is already being well received.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

It’d be quite ironic if Guardians 3 becomes Marvel’s biggest hit in 2023. We’re talking about James Gunn’s goodbye not only to the beloved franchise, but also to Marvel itself. Gunn has been appointed as the head of DC Studios, so now he’ll have to bear the responsibility of picking up the pieces of Marvel’s main competitor.

Fast X (Fast & Furious 10)

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Every single one of these takes the craziest franchise ever to insane heights. But this time, it’s the end (or so they say). From its humble beginnings as a movie about stealing combination VCR-TVs, to launching a rocket car into outer space for… reasons, the Fast & Furious family has sped right into its fans' hearts. It’s time for one last adventure before finally hanging up the keys.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse

A lot of hopes are hanging on to this animated Spider-Man movie series. The next part of Spider-verse has its work cut out for itself, since while the trailers are looking really good, it’s got some big shoes to fill after the first one became the new bar for all animated movies in the industry.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

CGI Magic will have to work overtime to make audiences believe in the daring adventures of an 80 year old professor Jones. That and the fact that we’ll be comparing it directly to the maligned fourth movie (that while hated on release, has garnered its own fandom with time), makes its success something to keep an eye for.

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One

Tom Cruise is probably the biggest action hero of the century. Except for The Mummy, his choices always seem to hit the mark, and in these past months the actor has been teasing fans with some insane stunts and behind the scenes that make us fear for his life. There’s no doubt Mission: Impossible 7 will be an amazing spectacle.


Greta Gerwigh, director of the fantastic Lady Bird and Little Women, presents an unexpected project with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, who will be interpreting Barbie and Ken. We really have no idea what to expect out of this film, given that the only teaser we’ve seen is surreal at every moment, but we maybe could expect some comedy… we think…


Nolan continues his works with a biopic of the main man behind Project Manhattan. The Atomic Bomb and all of the drama that surrounds it, at the hands of the legendary Christopher Nolan? It’s sure to be a treat.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

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Jason Momoa survived the Gunn reaping, at least for now. After Wonder Woman 3’s cancellation, Batman doing its many things, and Cavill’s exit from the Superman role, the Justice League of the big screen only has a controversial Flash and Momoa’s incarnation of the king of the seas. It’s performance is sure to be watched closely by WB.

The Little Mermaid

Speaking of seas, the Little Mermaid’s live-action adaptation will be a trial by fire for Disney. Its casting choices have been as celebrated as they have been criticized, but the only thing that matters is the quality of the released product. If it ends up sinking after release, the House of the Mouse will probably have to rethink its current strategy of adapting beloved animated classics for new audiences.

Dune : Part Two

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It’s surprising to think that this project could not have happened, but here we are. Released in the midst of the pandemic, the first Dune managed to make enough impact to earn the right of producing a second part for this classic space opera.

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

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The Hunger Games was probably one of the biggest Young Adult novel adaptation series that took the industry by surprise in the 2010s. Starring Jennifer Lawrence, that series became a huge influence for many people, both in the audience and in Hollywood. Now we’re getting a prequel story, but will it be well received by now the now grown-up audience?

The Exorcist

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An unexpected sequel/reboot to the classic horror film of the 70s? Starring Ellen Burstyn and directed by David Gordon Green, this Halloween-tastic movie is sure to fill October with frights.


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And on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, we have a Willy Wonka origin story. The movie will tell the journey of a young Wonka, played by Timothy Chalamet, on his way to becoming the candy businessman and meeting the Oompa-Loompas. It’s also a musical.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

We can’t not mention the incredibly promising movie about our favorite plumber. Nintendo is diving into new waters and is finally allowing its leading man Mario to explore new mediums, and what little we’ve seen about the Super Mario Bros. Movie has surprised every single fan around the world. Although, after the sometimes loved, sometimes hated 90s version… it might not be that difficult to pull off.

The 16 most awaited movies of 2023
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