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1008 Pokémon over 26 years: this is the video celebrating the franchise

The Pokémon Company revisits the entire Pokémon franchise during its 26 years of life. 1008 Pokémon in total throughout the video games in a single video.

1008 Pokémon over 26 years: this is the video celebrating the franchise

The Pokémon Company celebrates with an emotional video the 26 years of history of the Pokémon series, compiling the 1008 Pokémon in total with the arrival of Scarlet & Violet for Nintendo Switch at the end of last 2022. Just below we leave you the video and give you several details about it:

Pokémon celebrates 26 years of history with this touching video: more than 1000 Pokémon to date

As previously announced a few days ago, The Pokémon Company released on the franchise's official YouTube channel a video compiling the more than 1000 Pokémon that exist after the arrival of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet in November 2022. 1008 Pokémon there are in total, to be exact, spread across the various video games and regions featured in them. You have the video just below:

The video itself is an impressive compilation in which we see snapshots and small pieces of gameplay from different titles of the saga, spanning from its origins with the Red/Blue versions of the First Generation (Red and Green versions in Japan) until reaching Scarlet and Violet two decades later. The video does a fantastic job of arranging the Pokémon, presenting everything from starters, to different subgroups by type, to legendary and mythical Pokémon, among others, all the way to the ones that debuted in Paldea. A long road traveled until today. A video that will undoubtedly make the most nostalgic fans and those who have been playing these titles for a long time shed a tear or two. You'd better have tissues handy.

Of course, we don't expect it to end here; the Scarlet and Purple versions have smashed sales records, becoming the best-selling video game in Nintendo's history in its first three days on sale. In other words: there is Pokémon for a while, both in terms of the creatures themselves and in terms of future hypothetical games in the series.

Source | The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel


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