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Twitch bans a streamer for “sexual content” after showing her feet live

Content creator Justketh has received a three day ban because of alleged inappropriate behavior that broke the rules of the platform.

Twitch bans a streamer for “sexual content” after showing her feet live, the live streaming platform, has a very specific set of behavioral rules through which they’re able to quickly ban channels that are showing harmful content for the company, be it temporarily or definitively; but maybe there’s some blur on what can or can’t be done on stream for certain kinds of stuff. Streamer and content creator Justketh has just received a three day ban from Twitch only for the fact that she showed her feet during a livestream, and apparently that is considered by the platform to be sexual or inappropriate content.

No feet allowed on Twitch

This was revealed by the content creator herself after finding out that Twitch had placed a ban on her channel due to a stream in which she showed one of her feet as part of a roulette game. For every 20 dollars donated by her audience, Justketh was to spin her wheel and do a random challenge that was shown on the screen, some of which include answering DMs, doing squats, doing silly dances and other kinds of things.One of the things on the wheel was to show her foot.

What she didn’t expect was for this specific action to be interpreted by Twitch as sexual content, for which her channel would remain locked for three whole days. The Twitch Community Guidelines say the following about sexually suggestive content:

"You may not engage in:

  • Content or camera focus on breasts, buttocks, or pelvic region, including poses that deliberately highlight these elements
  • Groping or explicit gestures directed towards breasts, buttocks, or genitals
  • Fetishizing behavior or activity, such as focusing on body parts for sexual gratification or erotic role play
  • Featuring sex toys in contexts unrelated to sexual education
  • Erotic dances, such as those involving stripping or flashing
  • Pole dances or acrobatics with sexually suggestive framing
  • Posting, displaying, or sharing erotica, including detailed descriptions of sex acts or pornography"

Source | IGN | Twitch