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Halo Infinite: this hit forge minigame turned out to be an amazing QA tool for the developers

The player feedback on Halo Infinite through this Pokémon inspired minigame in Forge Mode has helped improve the entire game, as a surprise tool for the devs.

Halo Infinite: this hit forge minigame turned out to be an amazing QA tool for the developers

You could call it a kind of synergy, given that video games in this day and age always seem to be in a constant state of development, improvement, and continuous maintenance. It’s not quite that they’re “work in progress”, but that they’re always being worked on, even after launch. This time, the developers of Halo Infinite have found that an enormously popular minigame inspired by Pokémon in their Forge Mode also works as a great Quality Assurance tool to improve on the game.

Diglett: the minigame loved by fans and devs

All of this was revealed by a tweet made by John Junyszek, a community manager for 343 Industries. When they openly asked the fans what their favorite Forge minigame was, user Linz|Fortune Cooki answered “Diglets hands down!”.

Junyszek continued the conversation by sharing a fun fact, as it turns out that this specific minigame has helped the dev team to improve the shot registration system in the game, helping them test and probe into several issues that had come up regarding latency and networking. For those of you that haven’t yet tried it, Diglett (the game, not the Pokémon) puts players in small waist-high holes on the ground. When you crouch down you are not visible, but if you stand up you’re at risk of getting shot by the other players in the game. It’s basically whack-a-mole, except you’re the mole, and all the other moles have sniper rifles.

As it turns out, this kind of gameplay has been immensely beneficial for the constant development of Halo Infinite. A closed environment like this can help the team test iteration over iteration, getting to specific problems and being able to replicate them without much issue. And it’s also incredibly fun to play with friends, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Source | Kotaku