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This is Dead Space’s remake secret ending; a confirmation of Dead Space 2

We’ll tell you how to unlock the secret ending of the Dead Space remake, as well as explain what it is and what it means. Are we getting a remake of 2?

This is Dead Space’s remake secret ending; a confirmation of Dead Space 2

One of the great surprises of the Dead Space remake is found in its renewed New Game + mode. There’s an alternate secret ending which changes the famous original cinematic in which,spoilers here, Isaac was driving away from Aegis VII and was surprised in his getaway vehicle by Nicole's necromorph. The game ended with a scare that left for dead our engineer because, as we explained in the analysis of this remake: “Back in 2008, the last thing Visceral Games imagined was that Dead Space would become a trilogy and one of EA's spearheads. The developer wrote a definite end for the game and had to improvise when the idea of a sequel appeared on their desk. The gaps and contradictions between both deliveries made their script have more holes than a block of Gruyére cheese”.

Motive Studios, the ones in charge of the remake, has been aware that Isaac's story does not end in Aegis VII. With scarcely a couple of narrative tweaks, the developer has planted the theme of the Effigy and Unitology much better, and with this alternative ending they have also prepared for a possible remake of Dead Space 2.

What does it mean?

Although it is new, the ending does not go out of the canon and simply connects with the events of Dead Space 2, in which a new Marker was created and Isaac ended up losing his mind. Here we already see the engineer totally gone and indoctrinated, one step away from the mental collapse he will suffer in the next installment, and determined to be the one to build a new monolith himself before leaving Aegis VII. The sequel was set three years after the events of the original game and in it we began without knowing what had happened in that period of time, because Isaac had lost his memory. It was also hard to understand how the necromorphs had spread through space if the Marker had been destroyed, but this remake makes it clear at all times that it is not the only one and with this message it even dares to show Isaac as one of those responsible.

How do you unlock the alternate secret ending?

To get the alternative ending, it is not enough to complete Dead Space Remake in New Game + mode. You also have to find a new type of collectible (separate from the Peng's treasure) that only appears after a second round. We’re talking about the 12 MarkerShards which once assembled have to be placed in the Captain’s Quarters in the Ishimura


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