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Dead Space Remake: where to find the 12 Marker Fragments for the secret ending

We’ll tell you in what chapters and which locations to find the 12 secret collectibles in Dead Space Remake required to unlock the secret ending.

Dead Space Remake: where to find the 12 Marker Fragments for the secret ending

If the Dead Space remake got a 9 in the MeriStation review, it’s not just because of its graphics and sound facelift, but because of all the small adjustments it makes and all its new features. Among them we find a revamped New Game + mode which brings with it, among other things,12 new collectibles with which to unlocke a secret alternate ending. And it is precisely the location of those collectibles, called Marker fragments, that we are going to tell you about today.

First of all, some considerations. For those who do not have time for that second round, calm down, here we show you the alternate ending and we explain what it means and what are the implications. And for those of you who are up to the challenge, a warning: you have to take the 12 Marker Fragments in order. You should also keep in mind that chapter 9 has none and that in 5 and 10 there are two, not one. Without further ado, here’s every location in the game:

Marker Fragment 1, Chapter 1. It's in a closet in the maintenance platform office. It is the office that opens when you turn off the lights. The story has us go through it looking for a circuit boardwhile we fix the shuttle.

Marker Fragment 2, Chapter 2. In Dr. T. Kyne's office, after the battle, quarantined in a two-story room connected by an elevator. In the same area where Nicole's office is.

Marker Fragment 3, Chapter 3. In the engine room where chapter 3 ends. It is behind where we must put the power core.

Marker Fragment 4, Chapter 4. Break room, going down to the 3rd floor by elevator. In it there is a video of the excavation area of Aegis VII and a long dialogue takes place between Isaac and Kendra.

Marker Fragment 5, Chapter 5. In Dr. Merger's office. We reach her following the story after escaping from the Hunter for the first time. There is no missing it as soon as you go exploring.

Marker fragment 6, again in chapter 5. In the cryogenic laboratory where you fight with the Hunter. You have to use the kinetic module to get it, as it is on top of the box where we froze the necromorph.

Marker Fragment 7, Chapter 6. When you unlock zero gravity in the eastern growth chamber, take a flight and it's right at the very top of that very corner.

Marker Fragment 8, Chapter 7. After getting Level 3 Access in the Extraction area, the fragment is in the first room with security 3 that we see and which is on that same floor. Don't leave without it.

Marker Fragment 9, Chapter 8. Where the puzzle to fix the communications matrix is.

Marker Fragment 10, Chapter 10. In the luxury crew quarters, after powering up their doors.

Marker Fragment 11, Chapter 10. After the sequence with Dr. Kyne in the final stretch of the level. There’s no missing it either because the plot forces us to pass before it to burst the last corruption node.

Marker Fragment 12, Chapter 11. Loading platform, in the same place where you find Peng’s treasure

Once you have the 12 Marker fragments you have to go to the crew deck, from there to the luxury crew quarters, and then you have to enter Captain B. Mathius’ room. You will be able to interact with the table and place the 12 collectibles. If done correctly, Isaac will suffer a certain migraine and the image will blur for a few seconds. Nothing more. Now, complete level 12 and enjoy that secret and alternative ending (with its corresponding trophy / achievement, just like the one you will receive for passing the New Game + mode).


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