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Arnold Schwarzenegger praises Hugh Jackman physical changes for Deadpool 3

The Australian actor is training like never before to regain his physicality from years ago, all to once again play Marvel’s favorite mutant: Wolverine.

Arnold Schwarzenegger praises Hugh Jackman physical changes for Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman is training like never before to return to having the impressive physical aspect that he showed off in his time as Wolverine. Since way before Logan, the actor had already left behind gym routines and specific diets to enjoy a calmer day to day without the need to bulk up for the character.

With the announcement of his return as Wolverine to the big screen thanks to Deadpool 3 (now as part of the MCU), the actor has had to recover old routines to win a few more pounds of pure muscle. And boy is he succeeding! So much so, that the actor himself has shared a new photograph of his training, demonstrating great progress since his last photos from a few months ago and including a little jab to his friend and co-star Ryan Reynolds. Even a celebrity in the industry and an expert in bodybuilding like Arnold Schwarzenegger has reacted to Jackman's post.

Hugh Jackman trains hard to return as Wolverine

“He’s only 46. I’m older. But it's not a competition", wrote Jackman in his post on his Instagram account next to the photo in which he is seen lifting some more than considerable dumbbells, in reference to Ryan Reynolds. On the other hand, retired actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, an expert on the subject, has reacted with a simple emoji, his now typical one with the muscular arm sticking out biceps, which can be interpreted as the best approval that the Australian interpreter could have got for all of his effort.

In January, Hugh Jackman spoke of his good habits at the training level, assuring that he had never taken steroids to cause a more exaggerated result of his musculature at the times of his best shape, but that he has always stuck to the old fashioned way, that is, lifting a lot of weight and consuming a lot of protein. Be that as it may, Jackman still has a few months to go to reach a state similar to that of his best Wolverine before starting the filming of Deadpool 3, whose premiere is set for November 8, 2024.

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