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The Tetris movie starring Taron Egerton just got its first trailer

The Tetris movie starring Taron Egerton is coming soon to Apple TV+, and we finally have our first look and details of the upcoming historical dramatization.

The Tetris movie starring Taron Egerton just got its first trailer

Apple TV+ has presented the official trailer for Tetris, a film that will be released in barely a month and a half and that stars Taron Egerton. In this article we leave you the trailer and we leave you several relevant details about the film. More information below:

Tetris Official Trailer (2023): Starring Taron Egerton on Apple TV+

Tetris is not an adaptation of the video game to the big screen, but rather a biopic that tells us about the legal battle regarding the intellectual property rights of the game. Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Kingsman: The Golden Circle) plays Hank Rogers, businessman and video game developer who was instrumental in resolving disputes regarding the Tetris license. Also in the film is Alexey Pajitnov, played by Nikita Yefremov. Pajitnov was the father of Tetris.

The movie, based on true events, also touches on other topics, such as the collapse of the Soviet Union, the last throes of the Cold War, and the launch of the Game Boy, establishing Nintendo’s domination of the portable game console market. Something that still remains today.

The Tetris movie premieres on March 31 on the Apple TV+ platform. The tech company distributes the film and it is not expected to have a theatrical release or launch on another streaming platform, at least in the short term.

Tetris is revived thirty years later on Nintendo Switch Online

By this point in time we've all heard of Tetris, right? We will have even played one of the countless versions of the game. Well, if you are fans of this addictive video game and you have a Nintendo Switch, you are in luck. Since the beginning of February 2023, the original Game Boy Tetris is available as part of your subscription to Nintendo Switch Online.

Full screen

Not only that: it also has online mode, simulating the original with two Game Boy consoles and their Link Cable. We can play Game Boy Tetris online thanks to Nintendo Switch emulation, and the experience is still worth thirty years later.

Source | Twitter/AppleTVPlus


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