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The Back to the Future cast got back together for a nostalgic reunion

Lea Thompson, Michael J. Fox, and Christopher Lloyd are amongst the stars that got together again for this emotional reunion during a convention.

The Back to the Future cast got back together for a nostalgic reunion

When the members of the Back to the Future team recorded the film, they surely did not imagine that their paths were going to meet again in the very distant future. The film directed by Robert Zemeckis became one of those great classics of the eighties. More than thirty years later, Lea Thompson, who played Lorraine Baines, Marty's mother, has shared a series of photographs that show some of the icons of the film, together again.

"Wow honestly had the best time today with by #bttf family”, wrote Lea Thompson in her Instagram post, which you can see below these lines.

In addition to Thompson herself, the snapshots feature Michael J. Fox (Marty), Christopher Lloyd (Professor Emmet 'Doc' Brown) and Tom Wilson (Biff Tannen). The saga, which featured two sequels, has not continued with any other productions despite its enormous popularity. Over the years, actor Michael J. Fox has made headlines not only for his acting career, but also for the progression of his illness. Diagnosed with Parkinson's from a very young age, the interpreter has dealt with the consequences of this chronic and incurable ailment.

Star Trek’s heroes were also present

The photos, which were taken during FAN EXPO in Portland, have also featured some stars from the Star Trek franchise such as Jonathan Frakes (Williams Riker) and Brent Spiner (Data). Thompson made an appearance in one of the episodes of Star Trek: Picard.

Christopher Lloyd will return to the front line with a role in the third season of Star Wars: The Mandolarian, which will debut on Disney+ on March 1. As for his character, at the moment absolutely nothing has been revealed about him, so we will have to wait to find out if it is a cameo or a character with more weight.

Source | Lea Thompson (Instagram)

The Back to the Future cast got back together for a nostalgic reunion
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