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James Gunn was already working on the new Superman before Henry Cavill's return in Black Adam

The controversy surrounding the character of Superman in the movies resurfaces as James Gunn admits that he was hired before the return of Henry Cavill.

James Gunn was already working on the new Superman before Henry Cavill's return in Black Adam

James Gunn, the new head of DC Studios and the man in charge of writing Superman Legacy - a story focused on a younger Superman that will kick off the new DCU - is still very active on social media, answering questions from the fans. Now, the filmmaker himself has admitted that he has been working on a new Superman for months, even before Henry Cavill's resounding return as Superman in the famous Black Adam post-credits scene alongside Dwayne Johnson. All this in a short tweet that has already sparked controversy on social media, especially among those fans who still do not accept Cavill's departure from his iconic role.

James Gunn sparks controversy in social media over Superman

As James Gunn himself explains, Warner greenlit the script for what would become Superman Legacy more than six months ago, before both he and Peter Safran announced their new positions at the helm of DC Studios: "Superman Legacy was always a separate project," Gunn confirmed on Twitter, ruling out the possibility that it would at some point become a sequel to Man of Steel.

“I was hired to write Superman Legacy over six months ago," Gunn continued in a reply to his tweet, giving place to a slight inconsistency in Warner Bros. and DC's timing in the last few months, as it clashes head-on with the plans subsequently announced by Henry Cavill and Dwayne Johnson under Warner Bros.

Let's remember that James Gunn announced his new position last October 25, 2022, just one day after Henry Cavill's expected announcement about his return as Superman and a new stage with many movies ahead. However, in December, Cavill himself published a new statement in which he explained his departure from DC and the role of Superman, as he did not fit in James Gunn's plans.

Source | Screen Rant


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