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Minecraft reveals the title for update 1.20: Trails & Tales

The Minecraft 1.20 update, now titled Trails & Tales, is coming really soon, and lots of stuff  is coming to the game, like archeological sites.

Minecraft reveals the title for update 1.20: Trails & Tales

Minecraft has confirmed the official title of the 1.20 update, one of the most anticipated moments of the game this year. Will be called Trails & Tales due to the relevance of experimentation with the world, a journey that will take players to discover the mysteries around archaeological sites.

"The 1.20 update is all about self expression, specifically self expression through representation, story telling, and world building. And, it’s the journey - your trails - that ties it all together,” explains Agnes Larsson, game director. “The Minecraft worlds belong to the players – and so do the stories, or tales, about those worlds.”

What content stands out in Minecraft: Trails & Tales?

Although there’s still no specific release date, we already know in which direction the contents point. Among them, archeology stands out, which will add a "greater sense of mystery" to survival worlds. A new type of sand in which to use the brush is being added. By doing so you will discover secrets, such as pottery shards, tools, and bones.

Around these deposits, you’ll find sniffers. This unprecedented creature has quite a particular mechanic. If you incubate their eggs and tame them once hatched, they will track down seeds that you can use to make special ornamental plants.

A new biome is also being added: cherry blossoms. When the trees decay, you will receive a new type of wood with which to build related objects. Cherry tree saplings and hanging banners are just a few of the things you can invest the material in.

Players will be able to ride on the back of a camel that will allow two characters to move around simultaneously. One will spawn per village in the desert biome. The crafting table is also being expanded with a multitude of objects based on bamboo, another of the materials most in demand by the community.

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