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Puma and Final Fantasy 14 reveal a new shoe collection

The Warriors of Light (and Darkness) will be able to upgrade their gear in real life soon, thanks to a new Puma and Final Fantasy XIV collaboration.

Puma and Final Fantasy 14 reveal a new shoe collection

Puma has just announced the upcoming release of a new shoe collection, this time inspired by the incredibly popular and successful MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV.

According to the Japanese site Sneakerwars (via techraptor), This collaboration between the Final Fantasy franchise and the shoemaker will consist of four different sneaker designs, two of them using the Puma Slipstream model and the other two the RS-X model. Each of these models will come in a “Light” or “Dark” version, which represent the Warriors of Light and Darkness motifs of the MMO. You can see each of these pairs strewn throughout this article, but you can find more pictures here.

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The “Light” version of the shoes will have combinations of white, blue and green colors, while the “Dark” ones mostly consist of black, purple, and pink. Which one do you think is better looking? Or for travelling through the land of Eorzea?

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All of the shoes’ tongues, heels and insoles come printed with a “Fat Cat” design, who happens to be one of Final Fantasy XIV’s mascots, while the shoelaces include a crystal charm to further raise the theming.

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The sneakers will be released exclusively in Japan next week, on March 15 2023. All four of the models are currently priced at 17,050 yen, which when converted to US Dollars equates to approximately $125 before taxes. There still hasn’t been any mention of an international release, so fans of the game and collectors will have to import these until further notice.

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Final Fantasy XIV released its latest expansion, Endwalker, on December 2021. It’s release came in the middle of a popularity explosion that saw the game delisted from official digital stores, as Square Enix struggled to accommodate wave after wave of new players that rushed towards the MMO. Since then the game has been receiving constant content updates, expanding the story after delivering a thrilling conclusion to their original plotline after almost a decade of storytelling. There’s still no mention of when the next full expansion could arrive.

Source | Techraptor, Sneakerwars


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