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Microsoft confirms Call of Duty on Switch will run natively and not through cloud streaming

Microsoft responded to the CMA assuring the organization that they’ll develop native versions of future Call of Duty titles for Nintendo platforms.

Microsoft confirms Call of Duty on Switch will run natively and not through cloud streaming

Microsoft clears up one of the doubts that came up after confirming its agreement with Nintendo. During the 10 years of commitment to bring Call of Duty to consoles to Nintendo’s platforms, all releases in that time frame will be native versions. In this way, versions that use a solution through cloud streaming are discarded.

“The agreement provides that Microsoft will develop and publish future native console versions of CoD titles for Nintendo platforms for at least 10 years,” explains Microsoft in response to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in the United Kingdom. “Microsoft will publish future CoD versions for Nintendo platforms on the same date as the release of those versions on Xbox console platforms; and will maintain feature and content parity to the console versions published on Xbox console platforms, subject to Nintendo policy requirements.”

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The CMA is not convinced, at least on Nintendo Switch

In February it was the same body that highlighted the difficulties in bringing the Call of Duty franchise to Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's current platform on the market. In one of their statements they pointed out they had seen "evidence that large shooter games do not run as well on Nintendo’s consoles due to its technical differentiation" with the rest of the versions.

It also delves into this issue based on the statements of external parties: "One third party submitted that graphically intensive shooters may often be targeted originally at PlayStation and Xbox due to the specific characteristics of their console performance, and that porting to the Nintendo Switch may require financial investment and compromises on graphical quality, or the use of cloud-gaming solutions.”

Although there are difficulties with the current Nintendo Switch hardware, Microsoft leaves the door open to “Nintendo platforms”, which suggests that a successor to the console is part of the plans. On March 3, the six years of its permanence in the market were fulfilled.

Source | CMA


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