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All the new features in the PS5 7.0 update: Discord, VRR options and more arrive

Sony has just released the 7.0 update for PlayStation 5, which includes major new features for the console such as the addition of Discord voice chat.

All the new features in the PS5 7.0 update: Discord, VRR options and more arrive

The PlayStation 5 7.0 update is now available worldwide and is packed with features and improvements, the most notable of which is the arrival of Discord on the console. It is not the only improvement from Sony in this patch, which also considers the brand new PlayStation VR2 users and takes into account those who just got a PS5 and want to recover their PS4 game saves. The update also deepens the amount of settings and preferences available and adds quality-of-life improvements in options such as screen sharing or sending our screenshots to mobile. Let's take a look at what's included:

Discord on PS5

The most anticipated and important new feature of this 7.0 update is the inclusion of Discord. We can now use the application on PlayStation 5 and chat with all our friends, no matter what platform they are on. Just link your PlayStation Network and Discord accounts, and you can even show when and what you are playing online.

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New Variable Refresh Rate

Previously, PlayStation 5 could only take advantage of our TV's VRR capabilities at fixed resolutions of 1080p or 4K, but now it is also open to intermediate resolutions of 1440p. All you need is an HDMI 2.1 compatible display, the appropriate cable and you're ready to enjoy a smoother visual experience.

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Library changes and improvements

With the launch of PlayStation VR2, the console is now an option when sorting and filtering games in the library. In addition, an option has been added to sort the games that users have added to their custom lists.

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Migration of game saves from PS4 to PS5

Efforts have been made to make it easier to move game saves from PS4 to PS5. Now, when installing a PS4 game on PS5, if data is detected in the cloud, a notification will pop up on the console and simply select it to download the data. It will also be possible to move data from one PS5 to another PS5 via the same wi-fi network or LAN cable, without deleting data from the original console.

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Asking our friends to share their screen

A new option has been added to a friend's profile page that allows us to ask them to share their screen so we can see what they're playing so we can help them, turn a single-player game into a cooperative experience, or take a closer look at a game we don't own that we're considering buying.

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Send screenshots to mobile via PlayStation App

There is a new option to extract our screenshots from PlayStation 5. Previously, we had to upload them from the console to networks or use an external hard drive, but with the 7.0 update, an option is enabled that allows us to manually send all the content to the PlayStation App so that we can download it and work with it on our mobile.

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Other PS5 7.0 update enhancements and additions

  • New update for Dualsense.
  • Screen reader improvements for the visually impaired.
  • New game settings to save our preferences in multiplayer sessions.
  • In Game Center, there is now a new "Friends Playing" tab above each game's tab.
All the new features in the PS5 7.0 update: Discord, VRR options and more arrive
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