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The Last of Us’ final episode is its most-watched yet, even while releasing during the Oscars

The season finale of The Last of Us was able to surpass the Academy Awards’ yearly gala, breaking the record set by its own previous episode.

The Last of Us’ final episode is its most-watched yet, even while releasing during the Oscars

As you may remember, episode 5 of The Last of Us brought forward its premiere so as to not coincide with the Superbowl, the most important sporting event of the year in the United States. However, HBO did not do the same to avoid the coincidence of the final episode with the Oscars’ award ceremony, but not even that prevented it from breaking the viewing record for the series itself.

The ninth and final episode of the season has become the most watched of the series with 8.2 million viewers, surpassing the eighth, which had 8.1 million. In this sense, The Last of Us has been on a clear rise, having started with 4.7 million viewers in its first chapter, just to go to 5.7 and 6.4 million fpr the second and third respectively.

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In constant growth

In addition, this has made The Last of Us the most watched series in the history of HBO Max in Europe and Latin America, although it has not been able to surpass House of the Dragon here in the United States, despite the fact that its growth episode by episode was greater. As can be read in Variety, the Game of Thrones spin-off started with 9.9 million, going to 10.2 in the second, and even dropping in the last one, "staying" at 9.3 million. In short, the audience for House of the Dragon decreased by 6.9% during the series, while The Last of Us grew by no less than 75%.

It is without much surprise, then, that, The Last of Us has been renewed for a second season, although its creators have anticipated that it will not be possible to develop the events of the second game in only one. In fact, we have already seen a preview in the form of characters, and that is that during this first season we met Dina... and briefly glimpsed Abby.

Source | Variety