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Why did xQc block Adin Ross? The reasons behind the controversy between the two Twitch stars

After a prank went horribly wrong, popular streamer xQc took matters into his own hands regarding the link sent by Adin Ross.

Why did xQc block Adin Ross? The reasons behind the controversy between the two Twitch stars

The world of streamers is full of characters and wisecracks that capture the attention of viewers on different platforms. Among them is Felix 'xQc' Lengyel, who is one of the biggest names in the market. This has made him the center of attention for other streamers, and on this occasion led to the blocking of fellow streamer Adin Ross.

What happened between xQc and Adin Ross

Although these two streamers have a history of back and forth between them, it seemed that they were still on speaking terms. However, during their March 19 stream, xQc received a message from Adin on Discord after ignoring a Facetime call. The message was a link that took him to a YouTube video about a “screamer”. A "screamer" is a type of video that starts at a moderate volume and then becomes extremely loud and annoying, with the purpose of scaring the person listening or watching the video.

The problem with this screamer is the high volume, which can cause hearing problems in addition to being annoying. This can also affect the viewers and put their health at risk. After this action, xQc decided to block Adin from his Discord. “All right, I'm blocking him. You're blocked,” mentioned xQC during his streaming. “Yo, Adin! Adin, Adin, Adin! I don't know what your content is, these days. Okay? This s**t is f**king stupid! B**ch a** motherf**ker! That is so s**t! My headset is broken! Yo, I'm not even mald, okay? I'm f**king, I'm ultra mald! That s**t was stupid as f**k! Actually blocked!"

You can watch the moment below, but we recommend turning down the volume on your headphones or speakers as much as possible.

The viewers weren’t happy

As you can imagine, the comments from users both on the stream and on other sites like Reddit were not long in coming, mentioning that "I used to think the loud s**t was funny when I was 14 years old" or even one who wondered "I wonder how many of his 50k viewers got tinnitus from this."

Source | xQc - Twitch


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