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A year later, Elden Ring reveals the 5 best spells and incantations in the game

Eldem Ring is celebrating its first anniversary by sharing the best and most used spells and incantations in the game, which could be useful to prepare for the upcoming expansion.

A year later, Elden Ring reveals the 5 best spells and incantations in the game

Elden Ring continues to celebrate its first anniversary by sharing data and secrets with the community, and while a few days ago they revealed the 5 most difficult final bosses in the game and the leading causes of death (more than 30% are not caused by enemies!), today they share with us the 5 best incantations and the 5 best spells. This is a most useful piece of information for all of you who are entering the Lands Between for the first time, for those of you who want to give the game a second round with a different build, or for those of you who are gathering supplies for when the expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, launches. We leave you with both lists (will they dare to announce the best weapons and summons?).

Top 5 Elden Ring Spells

  • Rock Sling(Summons a handful of rocks that come out of the ground and launches them into the air.)
  • Crystal Torrent (Creates a mass of crystal that fires a rapid succession of shards.)
  • Glintstone Pebble (Your glintstone staff channels magic to launch magical projectiles at enemies.)
  • Greatblade Phalanx (Creates a defense arc of huge magical glowing blades above your head, which automatically attack nearby enemies.)
  • Rotten Breath (Transforms caster into a dragon that spits red rot.)
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Top 5 Elden Ring Enchantments

  • Blessing of the Erdtree (Gives the caster and nearby allies a boon that gradually restores large amounts of their HP.)
  • Bestial Sling (Quickly throws several sharp rock fragments.)
  • Golden Vow (Increases the attack power and defense of the summoner and nearby allies.)
  • The Flame of Frenzy (Causes the yellow flame of madness to ignite in the caster's eyes.)
  • Bestial Vitality (Fills the body with beast vigor and restores HP over a period of time.)
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