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Pokémon Horizons: The Series gets a trailer to show off its new heroes, the Paldea region, and more

The new Pokémon Horizons series says a definitive goodbye to Ash and Pikachu, and a new trailer shows off the Paldea region and its new set of heroes.

Pokémon Horizons: The Series gets a trailer to show off its new heroes, the Paldea region, and more

After the final goodbye of Ash and Pikachu in the Pokémon anime, it’s time to keep looking towards the future. Pokemon Horizons: The Series is the next anime in the franchise that premieres in April 2023, and we already have a new official trailer. Join Liko and Roy on their adventures in Paldea, the region where the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet games take place.

New trailer for Pokémon Horizons: The Series

After the release of the last episode of the Pokémon anime that had Ash and Pikachu as protagonists, The Pokémon Company launched a preview of the next animation project in the saga, called Pokémon Horizons. In it, we accompany Liko and Rod on their adventures through Paldea.

In this short preview of less than a minute, we can see several key moments and characters, such as Captain Pikachu, and even the appearance of a Shiny Rayquaza mid-terastalization (a new game mechanic introduced in Scarlet and Violet), so fans of the series are already speculating on social networks that it could come to the game soon as part a special Teraraid

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The official synopsis for the series is as follows: “In Pokémon Horizons: The Series, dual protagonists Liko, whose partner Pokémon is Sprigatito, and Roy will encounter many characters during their journey, including a group led by Friede and Captain Pikachu called the Rising Volt Tacklers. Traveling across the Pokémon world on an airship, the Rising Volt Tacklers include Orla, who enjoys mechanical and electrical work and is accompanied by her partner Pokémon, Metagross; Murdock, who is skilled at cooking, and his partner Pokémon, Rockruff; Mollie, who specializes in healing treatments, and her partner Pokémon, Chansey; and Ludlow. Liko and Roy will also come across Amethio, who is joined by his partner Pokémon, Ceruledge, and belongs to an organization called the Explorers, as well as a popular video streamer known as Nidothing.”

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Pokémon Horizons opens in April 2023 in Japan, but there’s still no confirmed broadcast start date for the rest of the world. Only a brief " 2023" appears at the end of the trailer that you can find in this article.

Sources: The Pokémon Company


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