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Golden eggs on Fortnite Spring Breakout: how to get them and what are they for?

We’re going to give you all the details on one of the most important items from the recent Fortnite Spring Breakout 2023 event, the Golden Egg.

Golden eggs on Fortnite Spring Breakout: how to get them and what are they for?

The Spring Breakout 2023 event of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 started a few days ago, and part of the quest to get all the items is to find a Golden Egg. In this guide, we will give you all the information about this item and some tips on where to find it.

What kind of eggs do you find in Spring Breakout 2023?

Fortnite’s Spring Breakout 2023 event has brought back eggs. They come in three types, and there are two new types of chickens that can lay them:

  • Heal Eggs: These green eggs restore your Health and Shield slowly over time.
  • Hop Eggs: These blue eggs temporarily give you a low gravity effect and also give you Health.
  • Golden Eggs: You can’t technically eat these eggs, but interacting with one grant you Bars!
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How to Collect a Golden Egg on Spring Breakout 2023

Getting to the critical part, the Golden Egg is one of the most complicated items to find because it is random. Unlike other quests where you have to go to a particular place, look for a certain character, or attack with a specific weapon, the item-finding missions are always of this type, so the first advice is to have patience (and luck).

Throughout the Spring Breakout event, we will find several colored chickens on the map, and as mentioned before, they lay three different types of eggs, the rarest of which is the Golden Egg. While we can’t tell you exactly where to find them, we can give you some tips on what to do.

While it would be ideal to be able to find this type of egg lying in the middle of the path, the reality is that the Golden Egg is a matter of luck. The first tip is that once you find a hen, start following her. She will lay eggs randomly and the best thing that can happen is that the one you are looking for will appear in a short time. Be careful not to fall prey to other players, or worse, have someone else take the Golden Egg from you.

One of the recommended places to find chickens is in Frenzy Fields, where there is a farm and there will be many chickens in the area. With so many chickens to follow, you are more likely to find a Golden Egg. Remember that getting one is not only part of one of the quests in the Spring Breakout 2023 event, but it will also give you 350 gold.

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