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The Game Awards 2023

10 games announced during The Game Awards that disappeared

Let’s take a look at 10 game announcements from The Game Awards that have disappeared into mystery after their reveal during the GOTY award gala.

The Game Awards

The Game Awards are only a few hours away (Here you have the date and time of the event), at MeriStation we wanted to take a quick look at the past and future of the Geoff Keighley event. We already took out the crystal ball in our article on the games and announcements we can expect of the GOTY 2023. Now it’s time to check the receipts, to look back at all those surprises that excited us and then got plunged into darkness, in the most dense and absolute of silences. Years of emotional prison that will hopefully end in 2024.

The Wolf Among Us 2

It was the first fallen of 2023 and at this rate it will also be the first of 2024. We will no longer believe in its existence until we are playing it. The Wolf Among Us 2 was announced in 2019, entered full production in 2020 (the announcement was already hasty), and has been in a most suspicious limbo since then. It’s been four years, so you can imagine how hopeful the latest information about the layoffs at Telltale Games has left fans.

As much as Telltale calls for calm, things are not looking good for the game. The first The Wolf Among Us was released in 2013, which means that we have more than a decade waiting to find out how Bigby’s story continues. Although this adaptation of Bill Willingham comics is one of the studio’s most awarded works, one thing is that the team wants to take it easy and avoid crunch And it is quite another to sell smoke to us and be so opaque with development.

Perfect Dark

Three years ago, The Game Awards confirmed what was an open secret. A reboot of Perfect Dark, Xbox’s secret weapon for this generation (or so we thought). A reboot for the saga that will give us one of the best shooters in history which was also produced by a new Microsoft studio whose confirmed members formed a dream team of All Stars. Great news marred by business as usual, a CGI trailer, and a painful silence afterward.

We understand that it is progressing little by little, but in the face of news like the mass exodus of developers and rumors that it has undergone several reboots because it started from ideas too extravagant (what if third person, what if focused on online functions, etc.), it would have been appreciated if someone came out to clarify the situation and calm the waters. Someone from Microsoft there would be a little more clarity and concrete about what we can expect. Silence and endless waiting have only allowed for more and more doubts and skepticism. They have made it clear that it was another announcement that was rushed.


It was one of the most notable announcements of the 2020 gala. ARK was going to have a sequel and not content with it, it was going to star Vin Diesel and he was going to have in his cast Hollywood stars such as Gerard Butler and Russell Crowe. What’s more, the game was not going to come alone and also have its own anime, with even more faces from the world of film and television (Elliot Page, Michelle Yeoh, etc). Has anyone seen anything of the aforementioned game (or its anime) since then? Don’t worry, neither have we.

Delay by delay, the thing has ended up being postponed so much that its developer has had to announce ARK Survival Ascended, an update for the original game that serves as an intermediate step. This version is free, replaces the previous one and moves everything to Unreal Engine 5. It includes visual and performance improvements and is compatible with expansions. It’s not bad, but who knows how many resources Ascended has consumed and how calmly the sequel is now taking it.

Mass Effect 4

As if they weren’t already busy enough with Dragon Age 4 (Dreadwolf), EA made an appearance at The Game Awards to present with BioWaret he return of the Mass Effect saga. Great news after the Andromeda crash, a better game than people remember it for.

In addition, the trailer was one of those that left fans without nails and climbing the walls, since it confirmed that we are not facing a sequel to Andromeda or a new reboot, but rather a continuation of the original trilogy. The N7 logo and the face of our dearest Liara. Since then, companies have barely shown some images and teasers coinciding with the official day of the saga. But nothing more.

Wonder Woman

After Marvel’s Spider-Man took over from the Batman Arkham games and gave value back to superhero games, Warner Bros. Games and Monolith Productions (creators of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor and its sequel, Middle Earth: Shadow of War) joined forces at The Game Awards 2021 to present a Wonder Woman game, a character who had just swept the box office with Gal Gadot’s films.

Since then we have had Gotham Knights, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, teases of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and even the announcements of a Wolverine game and another of Captain America with Black Panther, but no sign of Wonder Woman.


When we still didn’t know anything about a Silent Hill 2 remake and it seemed that Konami had kept the saga forever in the trunk of memories, Keiichiro Toyama (co-creator) and Akira Yamaoka (composer) presented at the TGA what seemed like a spiritual heir of the formula, Slitterhead. An action adventure and psychological horror also influenced by Siren.

Despite how good it sounds, in the end the same thing happened as with the rest of the games in this article: Slitterhead is missing in action, and it will find much more competition when he comes out of the burrow. To begin with, the 3 games that Konami is preparing precisely about Silent Hill. Will there be such a beautiful duel in 2024?

Star Wars Eclipse

The development of Star Wars Eclipse hasn’t been very transparent, so much so that just a couple of months ago Quantic Dream had to go out deny that the game was canceled. But of course, when you spend so much time in radio silence and news like the one about the Remake of Star Wars KOTOR, it cannot be said that optimism proliferates.

We are eager to see what Quantic Dream does with the license (Detroit Become Human, Heavy Rain), but they announced the game 5 years ago and we still have never seein it.


And we come to the games announced at last year’s The Game Awards, those of 2022, with which obviously we are much more understanding. This is the case of Earthblade, the next title from the creators of Celeste. Taking into account that it will be out in 2024 and knowing the resume of Extremely OK Games, we are not going to deny that at this point we would like to see more from it than a couple of artworks.


Almost ten years. Ten years!! That’s how long we hadn’t heard from Ken Levine, the writer of System Shock 2 and creator of BioShock and BioShock Infinite. It shouldn’t be allowed to keep us in suspense for so long. Luckily, in the The Game Awards 2022 The wait was put to an end with the Judas world premiere, the designer’s first project with his new studio, Ghost Story Games. The problem? That later we returned to silence.

It’s a shame because the first trailer looked great and the style features are unmistakable. A First Person camera, powers in your hands that remember the plasmids from Rapture, a steampunk setting... With the promise of “many narrative twists” and the slogan “fix what you broke”, Judas has us waiting for him these TGA.

Transformers: Reactivate

It’s been a long time since Activision lost the license of the Transformers games with them even disappeared from Steam, so imagine our surprise when a new one was announced at The Game Awards 2022 (although this time by Splash Damage). The last name on our list is Transformers: Reactivate, which was once again exciting despite being an online multiplayer action game for 4 people.

Coming from the painful silence we came from regarding the IP, we could have had a little more sensitivity to not subject ourselves to another one as soon as this Transformers Reactive was announced. We can only hope it doesn’t last longer and we’ll see it in this year’s edition.