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A new all-digital Xbox Series X model has leaked, could come with a a haptic-feedback controller

The Microsoft leaks have revealed a new model of the Xbox Series X that would get rid of disc readers and come packed with twice the storage, among other changes.

Nueva Xbox Series X

This is no longer a drip of information, this is a whole leak. The judicial confrontation between Microsoft and the FTC has given free rein to the leaks. Not only has it been recorded that the tech giant’s plan for the next generation of consoles will arrive in 2028, but now a new Xbox Series X model has come to light. It is a cylindrical redesign focused on digital games, since it does not include a disc reader. Beyond that, it incorporates a multitude of changes and improvements.

According to this information (via The Verge), the project is codenamed Brooklin and its launch is scheduled for 2024. It has 2TB of internal storage – compared to the 1TB SSD of the current Xbox Series X.

Nuevo modelo Xbox Series X
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A new Xbox controller with haptic feedback capabilities

The controller (codename Sebille) will be seemingly announced this year, and it will feature gyroscopic technology, will come in two color tones and will connect directly to the cloud via Bluetooth 5.2 and, most likely, Xbox Wireless 2. Everything points to the presence of haptic technology, just as Sony has done with the PS5′s DualSense, as well as quieter interchangeable buttons and sticks and rechargeable battery. As if that were not enough, it will be possible to activate it with movement.

In the same document there are references made to a new model of the Elite controller, which is assumed to implement these improvements as well.

Mando nueva Xbox Series X
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As for internal hardware, the new Xbox Series X will add Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2 radio, a smaller power supply (15%) and a new, more efficient standby mode, among other improvements. The company intends to market it at the same price than the Series X at its launch, that is $499.

Microsoft has not yet officially announced the new Xbox Series X model, so we will have to wait for all the unknowns in this regard to be cleared up.