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A Skyrim player claims to have killed everything you can in the game

A player claims to have killed absolutely everything possible in Skyrim, gathering a bounty of over 250,000 gold coins, but with no guards left to hunt them down.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It is difficult to verify, but the numbers are astronomical. A player claims to have managed to kill everything killable in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, including NPCs, animals, and enemies, leaving him completely alone in the northern region of Tamriel.

It’s Reddit user Amelix34, who claims to have killed 3,310 people, 693 animals, 401 creatures, 947 undead, 55 deaedras and 98 automatons. All this adds up to a total amount of 5,400 non-playable characters, which has also served to add a whopping 267,000 gold coins as a bounty on their head, while their favorite weapon has been the Dawnbreaker.

It didn’t take long for other users to make the question about how it was even possible to go through Skyrim calmly with a 6-figure bounty on your head. Of course, the answer is as obvious as it is shocking: “Guards are not essential and can’t arrest you if they’re dead.”

As we said before, Skyrim does not have a counter that makes this player’s claim verifiable, but it is notably superior to another’s attempt three years ago. It was then that JaeInSkyrim also announced on Reddit that they had killed 2,201 NPCs, plus nearly 2,400 creatures of various types, figures now surpassed by almost 1,000.

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