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Ahsoka: Dave Filoni confirms which Star Wars Rebels episodes are required before watching

Star Wars Rebels is reaffirming its place in the Star Wars official canon thanks to a new expanded story to be presented in the Ahsoka series, so there’s some homework to do.

Ahsoka Star Wars

The recent Star Wars Celebration has left us with numerous announcements about the future of the popular galactic saga, both at the level of upcoming movies and series about to hit Disney+. And the next series to reach the Disney streaming platform will be Ahsoka, the continuation of the adventures of the beloved Jedi outcast after the animated series Star Wars Rebels and her appearance in both The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett played again. in live-action by the actress Rosario Dawson.

Now, the creative director of Lucasfilm and responsible for several series of the franchise, Dave Filoni, has revealed which episodes of Star Wars Rebels we need to watch if we want to understand what the Ahsoka series has in store for us and the characters presented in its first trailer, which are all live-action adaptations of the titular Rebels.

What episodes of Star Wars Rebels to watch before Ahsoka

This was what Filoni himself commented in a recent interview with Collider, in which the Lucasfilm creative explained which episodes to watch from the animated series if we have no idea about Ahsoka Tano’s past: “I would start with the episode ‘Jedi Night’, where the sad thing happens to Kanan, and even if you didn’t understand what that was, it would propel you forward” explained Filoni.

Star Wars Rebels
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Star Wars Rebels

“If you just watch season four, you’d be set. You can start with that and you get that these rebels are fighting this tyrannical emperor. And that would get you everything and everybody you need. You don’t need to do the entire gamut of Rebels but you shouldn’t. Once you watch that, you’re gonna be like ‘Well, I’m gonna watch it all’.”

Those who have enjoyed Star Wars Rebels in the past will quickly recognize many of the characters that appear in the trailer for Ahsoka, live-action adaptations of the protagonists of the animated series. From Ezra Bridger to Hera Syndulla, going through key characters of Rebels such as Sabine Wren or Admiral Thrawn, among others.

Ahsoka will premiere in Disney+ on August 2023.

Source | Collider