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All the details of xQc’s new $100 million deal with Kick: Does he have to leave Twitch?

Canadian streamer xQc has signed a 2-year deal with Kick, one of Twitch’s rival streaming services, making a huge deal in the streaming services.

All the details of xQc’s new $100 million deal with Kick: Does he have to leave Twitch?

Popular Twitch streamer xQc, aka Félix Lengyel, has signed a massive multi-year deal with Kick, one of Twitch’s rival platforms. The deal is reportedly worth $70 million, according to the New York Times.

“Kick is allowing me to try and do things I haven’t been able to before,” Mr. Lengyel said in a statement. “I’m extremely excited to take this opportunity and maximize it into new creative and fresh ideas over coming years.” Meanwhile, Ryan Morrison, Lengyel’s agent, mentioned that Incentives could bump that to $100 million. “This is more than most professional athletes and megastars,” Morrison said. “This is one of the highest deals in entertainment, period.”

xQc deal is just the latest sign of growing tension between Twitch and its creators. In recent months, a number of high-profile streamers have left Twitch for other platforms, including YouTube Gaming and Facebook Gaming.

Will xQc leave Twitch?

The popular streamer explained to his community that even though he has signed a multi-year deal with Kick it is not an exclusive contract. He is still expected to appear on YouTube, Tik Tok and according to Ed Craven, Kick’s chief executive. he still plans to appear on Twitch, though not as often as he did before.

What are the main differences between Kick and Twitch?

While Kick is still in its early stages as a streaming platform, the service has some clear advantages over streaming giant Twitch. Kick takes a smaller cut of subscription revenue than Twitch, which could be a big incentive for streamers to switch platforms. Twitch takes a 50% cut of subscription revenue. While Kick only takes a 5% cut.

Of course, there are other factors that streamers consider when deciding which platform to stream on. For example, Twitch has a larger user base than Kick. However, Kick’s financial incentive could be enough to lure away some of Twitch’s biggest stars.

What does that mean for the future of streaming?

The deal with xQc is a major coup for Kick and could signal a shift in the streaming landscape. With Kick offering more favorable terms to streamers, it’s possible that we’ll see more high-profile streamers switching platforms in the future.

This could put pressure on Twitch to change its own terms, or it could lead to a more competitive streaming market. It will be interesting to see how things play out in the coming months and years.

Source | The New York Times