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Amouranth’s health issues have prevented her from participating in an international celebrity boxing match

Amouranth, was set to take part in a celebrity boxing match during Ibai’s “La Velada del Año 3″, but health issues led her to forfeit.

Amouranth’s health issues have prevented her from participating in an international celebrity boxing match

Ibai Llanos is not having an easy time setting up “La Velada del Año 3″. In addition to the loss of Viruzz and Papi Gavi for the show, who he was just getting to replace on time, Amouranth has now announced she’s stepping away from her match. The one who was going to be one of the biggest stars of the evening, and whose fight against Mayichi stood out as one of the most anticipated, finally will not be able to attend, Which means that the organizer will have to work against the clock to find a substitute at the same level as the explosively famous streamer.

Why won’t Amouranth fight in “La Velada”?

Kaitlyn Siragusa, better known online as Amouranth, has taken to Twitter to explain her absence, whichsadly is due to personal health issues related to ovarian failure.

“I will be undergoing daily injections for 7-14 days during which I will (potentially) suffer from headaches, nausea and aches” Amouranth said on the social network. “It’s not a nice thing, and I’ve also been warned to avoid major physical activities. which would be no big deal, and was also warned against “high impact physical activities”. I found out the seriousness of my diagnosis after I had already agreed to appear in the La Velada boxing event, and decided I would go forward with it and wait to do the injections until AFTER the event so that I could still compete. But due to extreme medical developments, I have to start them today.”

“I had hoped to just box through the symptoms, as I could handle a little nausea or some headaches, but my medical team strenuously vetoed that decision due to the “potential for extreme injury or death” related to a heightened chance of my ovaries torsioning/twisting while undergoing the treatment and doing extreme physical activity. I regretfully have to drop out of La Velada last minute. I’m incredibly upset about this, and I’m sorry to anyone I’ve let down. I’m hoping for a quick and painless treatment, and maybe I can get the opportunity to get in the ring next year if everything goes well.”

In the meantime, we’ll be keeping an eye out to find out who will be taking her place during the boxing event, which is sure to be announcement set to happen during the next few days given how close the show is to happening.