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Arcane Season 2 announces official release date on Netflix with first teaser trailer featuring Jinx

The preeminent series in the League of Legends universe has confirmed its Season 2 release date, though we’ll still have to wait to enjoy it on Netflix.

arcane netflix

After a series of rumors and speculations, Season 2 of “Arcane” already has an official premiere date, as confirmed by Netflix and the series’ own social media account as part of the streaming service Geeked Week 2023. We will still have to wait a while until we can enjoy the continuation of one of the most outstanding series in the catalog of the popular streaming platform. ‘Arcane’ will arrive next November 2024, although the day of its release is still unknown.

The creators of ‘Arcane’ themselves did not expect the huge success of the show, and this is one of the reasons why the series has taken so long. The production values are enormous, and there were no clear plans for a second season before the first premiered.

The Big Success of Arcane and the League of Legends Universe

There were many years when the name Riot Games served as a meme, and it had no games of its own beyond League of Legends. Today, that has completely changed, and the American studio has always had clear goals and has patiently built a universe in which all possibilities are on the table. Video games of all kinds, touching a large number of genres either on a competitive level or focused on a more classic individual experience; comics with the Marvel seal; fantasy books and, of course, a movie bet in which ‘Arcane’ stands out as the perfect demonstration of all the narrative potential that Riot Games’ MOBA and its world have.

Arcane’ stood out from the first moment, a phenomenon that captivated millions of viewers thanks to its enormous quality and animation at the highest level. Season 2 is expected to maintain the level of one of the must-see productions in Netflix’s vast catalog.