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Asmongold talks about Diablo IV and one of its biggest problems

Diablo IV has a lot of players and fans, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. And Asmongold seems to have hit the problem nail right on the head.

Diablo 4

With well over a month since its release, and it’s first Season about to be released, Diablo IV could be considered a massive success by many. It’s become one of the best sold games for Blizzard Entertainment in its entire history, pulling in millions of dollars and new players that are quickly becoming fans. But could it be that they’re maybe losing track of what they’d need to do to keep going like this?

The Diablo IV community thinks as such, but not because of one single issue. As it stands right now, whatever small bug or annoyance plagues the game is being worked on by the developers. Things like glitches, quality of life additions, or even the rebalancing of its XP system and how their Endgame works have been fixed in a relatively quickly maaner. However, players don’t think that what they’re doing is enough, or proactive enough. Instead, the developers are now focused on releasing the first Battle Pass, pushing away the dates for when important fixes and improvements to the base game are to come.

Diablo 4
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Diablo 4

One of these fixes, little as it may seem, is the addition of an additional tab in player storage meant to contain exclusively gems that can be socketed in weapons. Right now these take up space that has to be shared with other types of loot, and a fix for this issue will not be released until Season 2 begins, set to happen about 3 months after the start of Season 1.

Diablo IV could be in danger if they don’t change the way they do things

In the words of the outspoken (and often deeply correct) Asmongold, " Well, what the f**k am I playing Season 1 for?”. The streamer spoke about this patching problem in the game while reacting to another YouTuber’s video, where he went into detail about how Blizzard is more focused on seasonal content to make more money instead of fixing the problems the main players have with the game.

Redirecting the blame that is being thrown to the new fans who didn’t know how Seasonal Content typically works in ARPGs back to the developers and how they failed to communicate this to the broader audience they aimed at with their marketing push, the streamer spoke candidly about how this issue is not an uncommon sight for other Blizzard games. It’s happened before with World of Warcraft, and with Diablo III, which means that the issue isn’t them being stopped by console rulings.

“I think what’s really going to make or break the game in the next six months is if Blizzard actually fixes things proactively,” he said, summing up his opinion. As the game continues to grow, the reality is that many hardcore players are running out of content and getting frustrated at the lack of updates from the developers. Should the game continue to bleed from its main player audience, it’s quite possible that Blizzard could find themselves in problems with one of their most expensive titles as of yet.

Source | Asmongold on YouTube