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Bing Chat now has ChatGPT’s image recognition capabilities

Microsoft’s AI-powered search engine will soon be able to make use of a new image recognition feature taken straight from ChatGPT.

Bing Chat now has ChatGPT’s image recognition capabilities

Microsoft has made a lot of progress in order to have a more than decent new search engine. Its capabilities are most important, but we are only looking at a part of the program’s capabilities. Now, what is already beginning to be noticed is that Bing Chat just got an image recognition system.

Bing Vision, Bing’s newest feature

We are coming out of the middle of 2023, a year in which artificial intelligence is the most relevant thing in the world of technology. It is not that there are more important advances, but it is one of the most popular after all the steps it has gone through. Right now, Microsoft is in a very important position because of two products that it has on the Internet, one of them being Bing.

We’ve previously told you about its integration with ChatGPT, but we have only seen a part of this symbiosis since the OpenAI program has much more to offer. And one of those improvements has to do with a new function that they have called Bing Vision. This is a new feature that allows the AI to describe an image that the user uploads.

The most interesting thing is that Microsoft’s AI will also need a little help from the user. Not precisely with a small text that starts the search, but rather to tell Bing what is the tone in which you want said text to be returned to the user. There will be three options to select: the most creative, one with more precise details, or simply a balance between the two.

Then, you just have to consider the information it provides you. In fact, the AI is not only capable of detecting a photo and locating the site or giving you a recipe, but it also has other interesting functions for the educational field.

In the second image published by Karsten Lehmann, who has already been able to access this new function of the search engine, it’s indicated that it is capable of interpreting the contents of a text, explaining it, and also translating it if it is not in your language.

At the moment, these features are in the testing phase, but little by little they will reach more users of the final version with these features and others that are surely already being improved.